WPCC Focuses on Students

Time Frame: 2004-2006

Here is an archive of newspaper articles concerning the changing of WPCC’s leadership and challenging goals for the college. These documents are in PDF format which can be accessed by the free Reader software from Adobe. If you are unable to access these documents and would like additional assistance, please contact the webmaster.


Economic plan a goMorganton News-HeraldMay 19, 2004
Parents learn alongside kidsMorganton News-HeraldMay 21, 2004
New lights will shine on WPCCMorganton News-HeraldJun. 17, 2004
Western Piedmont Community College to offer elementary Spanish..

Morganton News-HeraldAug. 29, 2004
Senate Watergate hearings materials donated to libraryMorganton News-HeraldSep. 6, 2004
In Morganton, Bernstein slams media, politicians Morganton News-HeraldSep. 24, 2004
Students react to Sullivan’s forum at WPCCMorganton News-HeraldSep. 27, 2004
WPCC holds second chance formal promMorganton News-HeraldOct. 10, 2004
Group asks for input on higher learningMorganton News-HeraldNov. 28, 2004
Fund drive’s focus is on community college studentsMorganton News-HeraldDec. 8, 2004
WPCC: Pavilion plans still a goMorganton News-HeraldDec. 14, 2004
WPCC instructor publishes law bookMorganton News-HeraldDec. 15, 2004
WPCC graduates pass ASCP National RegistryMorganton News-HeraldDec. 19, 2004
College approves pavilion project

Morganton News-Herald Jan. 26, 2005
WPCC storming into new year

Morganton News-HeraldFeb. 3, 2005
Hopes for higher ed rising

Morganton News-HeraldFeb. 22, 2005
Columnist spends an afternoon with WPCC’s retiring president

Morganton News-HeraldMay 22, 2005
McGrady awarded for excellence in teaching at Western Piedmont

Morganton News-HeraldMay 30, 2005
College searches for new president

 Morganton News-HeraldJun. 27, 2005
The Ability To Soar Beyond DisabilitiesMorganton News-HeraldNov. 13, 2005
New president takes over Monday

Morganton News-HeraldJan. 21, 2006
It’s crunch time: WPCC officials want county to act quickly..

Morganton News-HeraldMar. 9, 2006
From calling the shots to calling it quits

Morganton News-HeraldMay 9, 2006
Phifer Learning Resources Center Adds Art Gallery and Updates…Morganton News-HeraldJul. 5, 2006
No butts about it

Morganton News-HeraldJul. 12, 2006
WPCC employees recognized during ceremony

 Morganton News-HeraldSep. 12, 2006
WPCC breaks ground

Morganton News-HeraldNov. 17, 2006
College gets $1 million for building

Morganton News-HeraldNov. 22, 2006
WPCC art gallery grand opening reception will be held Friday

 Morganton News-HeraldNov. 27, 2006
What they learned from a Good fellow

Morganton News-HeraldDec. 23, 2006