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Academic Success Center

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Phone: 828.448.3115
Phifer Hall

Lisa Shaw

Director, Academic Success Center

Phone: 828.448.3116

Be Successful With Your Classes


Regular Hours
Monday through Thursday – 8:00am to 7:00pm.
Fridays – 8:00am to 2:00pm.
Contact ASC for operating hours between semesters. 
Closed dates for Fall 2023: November 10, November 23-24, December 21-January 1 

The Academic Success Center supports students by providing tutoring, testing services, and college preparation assistance.

  • ASC professional tutors are available in-person and online.
  • Peer tutors offer assistance in specific courses based on individual needs.
  • The ASC testing room provides a quiet place to make-up a test, re-take a test, or sit for a proctored exam.
  • Resources are available to prepare for placement tests.

    Academic Success Center Resources

    There are four easy steps to help you as a new student Find YOUR Way to an exciting future at WPCC! If you need help completing any of the steps please contact us in the Advising Center in Hildebrand Hall on our main campus at (828) 448-6046 or submit your request at the bottom of the page.

    TEAS Preparation

    The Academic Success Center offers assistance to prospective WPCC Nursing students needing review prior to taking the TEAS Test for admission. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) measures and assesses a person’s ability to be academically prepared to enter and succeed in the Nursing program. There are four areas of assessment: Reading, Math, Science, and English/Language Usage.

    The ASC provides two TEAS review workshops an academic year. The Fall 2023 workshop will meet on Wednesday, October 11 – November 15 from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Also, the ASC has TEAS review tutors available Monday – Thursday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Call (828) 448-3115 for additional information.

    Here is an overview of what the ASC offers for TEAS test preparation.

    Prospective students are encouraged to visit the ASC in Phifer Hall, Room 100 for more information regarding the preparation resources available.

    TEAS Test

    The Academic Success Center (ASC) proctors the TEAS test four times an academic year between September and May.

    TEAS testing information will be sent to potential nursing students prior to test dates. 
    Upcoming Fall 2023 testing dates: November 16 & 17 

    You may contact ASC Director Lisa Shaw, 828-448-3116 for additional testing information.

    To ensure that you have met all other requirements prior to testing, visit the link below and meet with your advisor:
    Western Piedmont Community College – Nursing (Associate Degree) A.A.S. (

    Professional Tutoring

    WPCC has three tutoring options available for professional tutoring.

    1. Face-to-pace tutoring with an ASC Professional Tutor is located in the ASC. Visit our In-Person Professional Tutoring webpage for a schedule of availability.
    2. Online tutoring is available with an ASC Professional Tutor in math and writing. Sessions can be accessed through ThinkingStorm from any course in Moodle. Visit our e-tutoring webpage for more information and a schedule of availability.
    3. Online tutoring is available in multiple subjects 24/7 through the ThinkingStorm platform. Sessions can be accessed through ThinkingStorm from any course in Moodle. Visit our e-tutoring webpage for more information.

    Students should ask their instructor to complete a tutoring referral that requests specific tutoring in certain areas of coursework.  This referral will identify topics for the tutor to focus on during study sessions.  ALL REQUESTS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

    Students are encouraged to have textbooks, notes, assignments, and any questions or specific areas available during tutoring sessions. Auxiliary aids and alternative formats are available upon request.  Please advise the Center three (3) business days in advance if you have a disability and desire accommodations.

    Math tutoring services are provided to assist students with concepts, not homework.

    Peer Tutoring

    One-on-one peer tutoring, when available, is a FREE service provided to any WPCC curriculum student.   Students may request a peer tutor in any subject. Applications to request peer tutoring are available in the ASC or by sending an email to  Assigning a student a peer tutor is not a guarantee and depends on schedules and skills of current students who have been approved to be a peer tutor.

    Please contact the ASC at (828) 448-3115 or visit our Peer Tutoring page for more information.

    College Placement Test

    Prospective students preparing for the College placement test can find a variety of online tools to help them prepare for the test. The ASC staff can guide you to the resources that will add to your success.

    ASC Tutor by Appointment

    View Student Instructions to Schedule ASC Tutors By Appointment (Updated August 2023)

    Make-up Tests and Re-Tests

    Testing hours:
    Monday – Thursday:  8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  No test will be handed out past 6:00 p.m.
    Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  No test will be handed out past 12:00 p.m.

    Please check the ASC home page to hours of operation when classes are not in session. 

    Proctored Exams

    The Academic Success Center will proctor exams for students of other institutions or community patrons on a limited basis.  To find out about proctoring test fees, scheduling, and procedures, please contact Lisa Shaw, Academic Success Center Director, at or 828-448-3116.  Proctored exams are to be scheduled at least TWO weeks before your exam window.

    Distance Learning Test Proctoring (Updated 8/22/22)

    Resource Links

    The Academic Success Center provides links to these online resources that may be helpful to you.  If you have resources to suggest that we include on this page, please send the link to the WPCC Webmaster.

    Please remember that these sites are provided as aids for you.  They should not take the place of your attention to and ultimate responsibility for your work.


    File Storage
    • Google Drive
      Google Drive starts you out with 15 GB of free Google online storage, so you can keep photos, stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos, and assignments in one networked location.
    Planning and Time Management
    • The Learning Center- Handouts
      This page provides a variety of handouts to help students study smarter, read better, be more productive, and even shares tips on how to “Ace Your Tests.”
    • Microsoft Outlook
      Every current student at WPCC should have a Microsoft Office 365 account.  Outlook, an email software used by Microsoft, includes a Calendar feature that allows users to add meetings, appointments, and events, track appointments and meetings by setting a variety of reminders, and the ability to share calendars with other Outlook users.  If you have a smartphone or mobile device, there are several additional features that can be set to send alerts to those devices about upcoming assignments, appointments, or meetings.
    • Google Calendar
      Google Calendar allows users to create and track meetings, appointments, and assignments.  Google Calendars can be synced with phone or other mobile devices, and the software integrates with Apple’s iCal.  You can even embed Google Calendars on your website.
    Audio Recording
    • Audacity
      Audacity is a software program that can be downloaded and installed on all three major operating systems: MAC, Windows, and Linux.  The link to Audacity provides step-by-step directions on how to download, install, and get started recording with Audacity.
    • Grammarly

      Grammarly is a writing-enhancement platform that provides proofreading and plagiarism-adherence capabilities to more than 250 grammar rules.

    • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL)
      The famous online writing resource that provides a wealth of topics on various writing styles. From general writing tips and research (APA and MLA) to help with resumes and job search along with help for English As A Second Language (ESL), OWL is the place to turn for help with writing.
    • Son of Citation Machine (SOCM)

      Need help with properly crediting a citation in a research project? SOCM provides help with APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago style research papers.

    • AAA Math

      Unlimited practice on a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons.

    • Algebra Homework Help — People’s Math

      Algebra, math homework solvers, lessons, and free tutors online.  Pre-algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Physics.

    • Khan Academy
      Tutorials for all levels of mathematics, along with topics in science, economics and finance, humanities, and links to partner content.
    • freeMATHhelp

      Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Sports Math, Lessons, Games, and Calculators.

    Tutoring Services

    General Assistance

    General assistance is available in the ASC to help students who are having common issues such as how to upload a file in Moodle, resetting their student password, saving a file to a flash drive, etc. Assistance is also provided for study skills, time management, and testing preparations.

    Professional Tutoring

    Tutoring by ASC professional tutors is available face-to-face and online when classes are in session.

    Fall 2023 Tutoring:

    • English/Writing drop-in tutoring is available Monday – Thursday: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m and Wednesday from 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. face-to-face and 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. online on ThinkingStorm.
    • Math drop-in tutoring is available in-person and online Monday – Thursday: 3:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Zoom Online tutoring begins at 4:00 p.m.
    • Join the math Zoom tutoring session HERE
    • ASC Tutors By Appointment Instructions
    • Please visit our e-Tutoring page for a detailed schedule and directions for logging into an online session.

    Other tutoring is available by appointment. Check with the ASC regarding available subjects and times.

    Peer Tutoring

    One-on-one peer tutoring is a FREE service provided to any WPCC curriculum student.  Students may request a peer tutor in any subject in which they are having difficulty. Visit the Peer Tutoring page for more information.

    If you are interested in becoming a peer tutor, check out the job description for more information.


    Tutoring in multiple subjects is available through ThinkingStorm, an online tutoring platform. ThinkingStorm is accessible through WPCC Moodle course pages. Please visit our e-Tutoring page for information about accessing ThinkingStorm.

    If you are using a screen reader and are having difficulty, please contact Lisa Shaw at (828) 448-3116 during the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday during normal college operations.

    Test Proctoring

    Test Proctoring

    The Academic Success Center assists students who require a proctor for distance learning courses at other institutions (a fee is required) on a limited basis for the fall semester.  For more information, please contact Lisa Shaw, ASC Director at (828) 448-3116 or via