Campus Safety & Security

If you are in immediate danger
or require emergency medical help, Dial 911.

To report a non-emergency incident/crime,
contact Campus Security at (828) 448-3500.

Campus Safety Mission

Safety at Western Piedmont is everyone’s concern and responsibility. Campus Safety’s mission is to provide a safe learning and working environment for the campus community and the general public.

Location Information

The Campus Security office operates during the College’s normal business hours and other hours as needed. The Campus Security office is located on the Main Campus in Jim Burnett Hall, Room 151. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns regarding this document or Campus Security you may contact Zebedee Graham, Chief of Security and Safety at Campus Security personnel are available to assist you and to provide a safe and secure environment during your time on WPCC campuses.

Enforcement Authority

Campus Security is a department of the College charged with the responsibility of providing faculty, staff, students, and visitors with the safest educational environment possible and reports to the Vice President for Administrative Services / Chief Financial Officer. They are responsible for a full range of public safety services including, but not limited to, investigation of all reported crimes committed on campus, responding to medical and fire emergencies, parking regulations, crime reports, initial and follow-up investigations, medical and fire emergencies, parking regulations, enforcement of college policies, reporting violations of local, State, and Federal ordinances.

Campus Security is comprised of both sworn and non-sworn officers. Most officers have a law enforcement background. They are uniformed officers employed, trained and charged with the task of carrying out the duties and responsibilities of campus security. These officers should be notified in the event of any and all emergencies. They should be kept informed of all campus activities and events in order to provide appropriate assistance. WPCC Campus Security officers respond to college emergency calls and requests for assistance. A daily crime log is kept in the Campus Security office on the Main Campus for review by the general public upon request.

Campus Security also provides additional services to the college community including, but not limited to, the following: personal assistance, assistance with vehicle jump starts, unlocking vehicle doors, and escorts upon request for individuals going between locations or to their vehicles. The Campus Security officers recognizes it is vital to maintain a close working relationship with all local police, state agencies, and other emergency response agencies, specifically those with joint or mutual jurisdiction considerations and responsibilities.

Statement on Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco

WPCC is a drug-, alcohol-, and tobacco-free campus. We are committed to maintaining such an environment for all employees and students.

WPCC Messaging Service

Be sure to opt in to the WPCC Messaging Service! This is a convenient way for you to receive voice, text or email messages about campus emergencies and inclement weather announcements.