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Coordinator, Welding Technology

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Welding Technology

Welding is an invaluable skill in the modern world due to its pivotal role in various industries. It serves as the foundation for constructing critical infrastructure, from skyscrapers to bridges, ensuring the structural integrity of our urban landscapes. In manufacturing, welding joins materials like metals and plastics, enabling the creation of durable products and machinery used in everyday life. The aerospace and automotive sectors rely on welding for crafting lightweight, high-strength components. Moreover, in the energy sector, welding is indispensable for fabricating pipelines, power plants, and renewable energy installations. In this technology-driven era, welders are in high demand, contributing significantly to innovation, safety, and economic growth.

We offer 4 programs of study in our Welding Technology program.


Estimated Tuition

Text Books and Supplies

What You Will Study

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The A.A.S. degree is a 64 credit-hour program. The curriculum provides students with a sound understanding of the science, technology, and applications essential for successful employment in the welding and metal industry.

Welding Diploma

This diploma is a 42 credit-hour program.

Welding Certificate

This certificate is an 18 credit-hour program.

Introduction to Welding Certificate

This is a 16 credit-hour certification program.


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