WPCC Messaging Service

The WPCC Messaging Service is a convenient way for you to receive notifications regarding campus closings or emergencies directly to your phone. In addition to email, traditional media and social media outlets, WPCC will use the WPCC V-Alert App to provide immediate notification of campus emergencies and inclement weather alerts.

How to Install the V Alert App

It‘s easy to set up your Android or iOS mobile device with V Alert. There are two ways to install the app:

Option 1: QR Scanning Method

Step 1: Get The App

Using a QR reader application on your smart phone, scan the code below to download and install the V-Alert application:

QR Code for V Alert Application

Step 2: Open the V-Alert Application on Your Device

Once the application is downloaded to your smart phone, please open the V-Alert application.

If prompted, make sure you ALLOW notifications from V-Alert on your phone.

Step 3: Set Up V-Alert

Select the Scan QR option. If prompted, make sure you ALLOW V-Alert access to your camera.

Step 4: Scan Set-Up QR Code

The V-Alert app will automatically configure itself when you scan the QR code below:

Once the code is scanned, your WPCC V-Alert app screen should like like this:

screenshot of the V-Alert application

Step 5: You’re Done!

V Alert is now installed and configured on your device.

The WPCC V-Alert app looks like this on your home screen:

A-Alert App Icon that appears on a mobile device screen

Option 2: Manual Installation

Step 1: Download the V-Alert App

Visit the app store for your device by selecting the appropriate button below:

Apple App Store Button for the V-Alert AppGoogle Play Store Button for the V-Alert App

Step 2: Configure the V-Alert App

Open the V Alert app on your device by tapping the V Alert icon (it looks like this):

A-Alert App Icon that appears on a mobile device screen

If you are prompted by the app, make sure that you ALLOW notifications from V-Alert.

Select Enter Server from the choices you are given:

V Alert Enter Server Screenshot

Enter valert.wpcc.edu and select Save Server to receive notifications from WPCC:

V-Alert server entry screenshot

Your screen should look like this:

screenshot of the V-Alert application

You will now receive notifications from WPCC.

Option 3: Other Phones & Help

If you have a non-smart phone, a Windows-based phone, or you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at (828) 448-6030.