Placement Testing

About the Placement Test

The purpose of placement testing is to determine the level at which a student is to begin their college course work. Some students are ready for college level course work, while others may need their writing, reading, and/or math skills refreshed or built up prior to enrolling in college level classes.

Placement Test Exemption

WPCC uses multiple methods for placement.
Placement Test Exemption

Placement Test Review

Preparing for the test may reduce or eliminate the need to take additional pre-requisites before taking college level courses.

Take A Practice Test

RISE English Placement Test
RISE Math Placement Test
Math Placement Test Formula Chart
RISE English Placement Test Tip Sheet

Visit EdReady to take a practice placement test.

Free Online Study Resources

The Academic Success Center can also help with test preparation.

Schedule the Placement Test

  • Submit your WPCC application.
  • Contact the Director of Advising at (828) 448-3155
  • Results are available at the conclusion of the test.

Placement Test Accommodations

Test accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities. If you require special test accommodations as a result of your disability, you must arrange for these accommodations at least 48 hours in advance of your assigned test date. Arrangements for special accommodations are made through the Office of Disability Services by calling (828) 448-3153.