Defensive Driving Safety Program

Do you have a ticket?

If you have been charged with a minor violation in the 36th Judicial District, you may elect to have it reduced by the District Attorney, Scott Reilly, by completing a 4-hour defensive driving course! This course is offered through Western Piedmont Community College and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina to train motorists in the principles of defensive driving.

To take advantage of this opportunity you MUST:

    • Pay $60.00 (4-hour course). You will be sent a payment link via email after you register for class and your registration has been processed.
    • Provide proof of course completion.
    • Pay all applicable court costs and fines (five (5) days before your scheduled court date) to the Clerk of Court in the county in which you received your citation.

*Fees subject to change. Please verify the cost of registration prior to signing up for class.

You are NOT eligible and you CANNOT take advantage of the program if:

  • Your court date has passed, OR
  • You have paid your citation prior to class.

If You Have Been Involved In An Accident:

Please contact your insurance company for questions regarding how your ticket may affect your insurance premiums.

You will need the following to register:

  • Your traffic citation
  • Your drivers license
  • Pay $60.00 (4-hour course) using the payment link sent to your email after your online registration form has been received and processed.

Class Location & Times

Please copy the course section number to put in your registration for class


Register for Defensive Driving