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The Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a program where students work and earn a paycheck while attending WPCC. Work-Study is designed to offer students financial assistance while providing valuable work experience which can be used on a resume. Work-Study is considered “self-help” financial aid.

Money students earn does not have to be paid back and can be used to subsidize their educational expenses or other personal expenses. Work-Study jobs are also extremely valuable sources of experience to the students; it offers students an opportunity to grow professionally before  leaving college. Every effort is made to match the student with a position that relates to the student’s program of study.

There are several benefits of the work study program:

  • Supervisors work around student’s class schedule
  • Students gain valuable work experience
  • Students build references for future employment

There are two categories of FWS positions at WPCC:

  1. On-campus positions, involves such services as clerical support, faculty assistants, and maintenance workers.
  2. Community service positions at mostly off-campus locations include reading tutors at local elementary schools through the America Reads Program, tax preparation assistance through the WPCC VITA program, and assistance at other community service centers in the area as needed.
    *Reading Tutors are required to have a criminal background check completed by the Burke County Public School System before they begin work at a local elementary school.

Pay rates for work-study positions:

  • On campus positions pay $8.00 per hour
  • Off campus positions pay $9.00 per hour

Work-Study students may work a maximum of 12 hours a week. Students will arrange a work schedule with their supervisor that will accommodate the needs of the student and the hiring department.

Work-Study Positions include:

  • America Reads: Elementary School Reading Tutor
  • Office Assistant – various departments
  • Lab Assistants – various departments
  • Print Shop Assistants
  • Maintenance Assistants
  • Clerical Assistants – various departments
  • Art Studio Assistants
  • Library Assistants

And many more!

Applying for Work-Study Positions

To apply for a Work Study position, a student must complete a paper FWS Application and turn it into the Financial Aid Office.  The paper FWS Application is available online here and in the Financial Aid Office. A cover letter and resume may be included, but are not required.  If a student meets all eligibility requirements, their application and any attachments will be sent to a supervisor with a referral form for an interview for any open positions the student fits the criteria for. The supervisors will review the application, select applicants for interview, interview and hire applicants.  Once the supervisor has decided to hire a student they will notify the student and the Financial Aid Office.  The student will then need to set up an appointment to complete the necessary paperwork with the Financial Aid Office.

Eligibility for Federal Work-Study is based on the student’s FAFSA information.

If you are unsure if you qualify for Federal Work-Study or have questions about the program please contact Jennifer Moua at (828) 448-3152.

Page Updated 4/19/22