Scholarships 2015-2016

Per Year
ResidencyOther Requirements
BEEPvariesAny CurriculumBurke CountyGraduate of Burke County Public Schools
Benner-Pharr$250AS CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record , FT
Blahut, Steve & Nadia$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Bobo, Ryan - Memorial$1,000Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, Preference to J.Iverson Riddle Center employees
Breeden Family$500Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic promise
Breeden, R.T.- Academic Merit$500College TransferBurke CountyRising Sophomore, GPA of 3.5, FT
Bridges, Suzanne Bleynat$250NursingBurke CountyPreference to Valdese/Rutherford College residents.
Bright-Salvageot$500Preference in Science, Engineering, Math, Healthcare, or EducationBurke CountyGraduate of Burke County Public Schools, Financial need, Satisfactory progress, FT
Brinkley, Sam$250Associate DegreeBurke CountyNot eligible for Pell, Academic promise, FT
Browning, Iris$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory Progress, Have documented disabilities or preparing for education or services for people with disabilities
Building Construction Technology$500Building ConstructionNoneFinancial need, GPA of 2.5
Burke AARP$300NursingBurke CountyFreshman
Burke County Firefighters$600-$1000Any CurriculumNoneFirefighter/firefighter's dependent, Financial need, Academic Promise, Satisfactory progress
Burke County Master Gardener Volunteer Association Scholarship$500Horticultural Technology or Sustainable AgricultureBurke CountyFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, HT
Burke County Medical Alliance$250Allied HealthBurke CountyFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Byrd, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J.$300Any CurriculumNC ResidentEntering Freshman, Financial need, Academic record, FT
Caruso, Carlton E.$500Marketing/AdvertisingBurke CountyFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, HT
CVPA Lynn Price Memorial$500ParalegalRising Sophomore, GPA of 3.5
Clark, K. Harold$500Early Childhood EducationNoneGraduate of Burke County high school, Financial need, Academic record
Cline, Doug$250Associate DegreeNoneFinancial need, Academic record, FT, Soph.
Cole, Chad B.- Merit ScholarshipUp to $4,000Any CurriculumTown of DrexelGraduate of Burke County Public Schools, with GPA of 3.5. Must have earned a minimum of 18 credit hours at WPCC. Must utilize the award to attend any of the public universities in NC.
Continental Maintenance Technician$3,500Compter Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringNonecCRC score silver or hirhger, complete WorkKeys assessment, FT, GPA of 3.0, attend progress report meetigns and co-op experience
Cornwell, George$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Corpening, William Pinkney-Memorial$2,000Any CurriculumNoneNot eligible for Pell, NCELG, or NCCCG -Academic record, Financial need
Corpening, William Pinkney-Merit$2,200Any CurriculumNoneIncoming freshmen from Burke County or McDowell High Schools, GPA of 3.25, FT
Corpening,William Pinkney-Merit$2,200Any CurriculumNoneContinuing student with 24 SHC earned, GPA of 3.5, FT
Cox, Gerald & Meilia Family Foundation$2,000NursingNoneFinancial need, GPA of 2.5
Craft, Helen Kincaid$250NursingBurke CountyPreference to Berrytown Community of Drexel
Dale, Irene Elizabeth$500Nursing/Pre-NursingNoneNone
Davis, Virginia$500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, Graduate of GED or Adult High School Programs
Duncan, Earl$350Any CurriculumNC ResidentFinancial need, Academic record, FT
East Burke AARPVariesAny CurriculumEastern BurkeFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, Independent student due to age (24 or older)
Edwards, James H. & Doris E.$500Elementary EducationBurke (preferred)Financial need, Satisfactory progress
Elks Lodge of Morganton$2,000Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Ervin III, Sam$1,000ParalegalBurke (preferred)Academic record, FT, Second year
Ervin, Dr. Jean C. - Presbyterian$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Preference given to students who are deaf or hard of hearing, or pursuing career related to the education of deaf or hard of hearing
Fitzgerald Nursery$250Horticultural TechnologyBurke (preferred)Financial need, Academic promise,
Foothills Chapter NCRID$250Interpreter EducationNoneFinancial need, Academic promise, Completed ASL 211, IPP 111, IPP 152, & IPP 153
Foothills Chapter NC Society of Surveyors$500Surveying TechnologyBurke, Caldwell, Catawba, or Alexander (preferred)Financial need, Satisfactory progress, Completed one year of study in the program
Foxx, Larry$250Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Galloway, Peggy - Memorial $500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Academic record
Goodfellow, Raymond B.$500AFA, Art Education, Professional Crafts Clay, DEATNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Grace Hospital School of Nursing Alumni$500NursingNoneAdmitted to ADN program, GPA of 3.0, FT
Greer, Riley Thomas$1,100Preference in ScienceNoneFinancial Need, Satisfactory progress
Hall, William$1,600Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress, Must be criminal ex-offender
Hildebrand, Johny & Abbie$500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Hoyle, Margaret$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Hoyle, Steve$250Criminal JusticeBurke CountyAcademic record
Huffman-Byrd$3,000Any CurriculumTown of DrexelFinancial need, Academic record
Hurst, Richard B.$250NursingNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Inscoe, Linwood & Harriet$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Isenhour, Ruth Coffey$550NursingNoneFinancial need, Academic Record, Completed Nursing Orientation Course
Jackson, Elizabeth Hooper$250Allied Health, Biology, Chemistry, Substance AbuseNC ResidentFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Jaynes, Naomi & Oval$1,000NursingBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Jones-Pons$450NursingNoneFinancial need, Academic record
Keller, Lola B.$300NursingBurke/Adjoining countiesFinancial need, Academic record
Kitty Petrie Alpha Delta KappavariesCollege TransferNC ResidentFinancial Need, Teaching as a career goal
Lovelace, Louis A.$500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Academic record
Lowdermilk, Margaret$250NursingBurke (preferred)Financial need, Academic record
McAdams, Robert$250EducationBurke CountyBurke County High School graduate (prefence given to East Burke HS graduates, Finacnial need, Satisfactory progress, FT
McGalliard, W. Russell$500College TransferBurke-Caldwell CountyFinancial need, Academic promise
McMurray, John$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Morganton High School Class of '72$500Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Morse, Michael J. - Memorial$250Any CurriculumBurke CountyPrefer member, or related to member, of Waldensian Presbyterian Church, FT
NAACP- Martin Luther King$250Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record
Ollis, Rebecca$250Paralegal or Office SystemsNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Oxford-White Academic Merit$500AA, AFA, ASBurke CountyFinancial need, 30 hours completed, GPA of 3.0
Oxford, Liz$50AA, AFA, ASBurke CountyFinancial need, 30 hours completed, GPA of 3.0
Oxford Scholarship for the Arts$500Performing or Visual ArtsNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Patton, Ann C.$250Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Patton, R. L.$1,000Any CurriculumBurke CountyAcademic record, FT
Patton, R. L. - Memorial$300AFA (preferred)Burke CountyFinancial need, Academic record
Poteat, Raymond & Arlene$1,000Engineering or NursingNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
Powell, Clark Douglas$350Any CurriculumNoneFreedom HS Grad, Financial need, Satisfactory Progress, HS Athlete Preferred
Reading, Ed$500AA in Journalism, Social Science or Political ScienceNoneFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Richardson, William Lee$1,000Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory progress
J Iverson Riddle Employee$1,000AA, AS, or Health SciencesNoneFinancial need, permanent Riddle Center Employee,
Rostan, JP & IG$500Business or AccountingBurke (preferred)Financial need, Satisfactory progress
Rostan, Jr., John P.$500NursingBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record
Rostan, Naomi$500NursingBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record
Setzer, Libby$300Dental AssistingNoneFinancial need, Academic record
SGL Carbon Machining$1,000Computer Integrated MachiningNoneFinancial need, Academic record, recommendation
Shell, M. E.$250Pre-ministerial or Nursing PreferredBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic promise
Sitton, J. Bailey$500Any CurriculumBurke CountyBurke County Public High School Graduate/Resident of MHA, Academic record
Sossoman, JC & SB$500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory Progress
State Employees Credit Union Foundation$2,500Any CurriculumNorth CarolinaFinancial Need, EFC between $3,601-$5,000, GPA 2.5 or higher
Stuenkel, Jan C.$1,000NursingNoneSecond year, GPA of 3.0 or higher, One letter of recommendation from a full time Nursing instructor and one letter regarding community service
Sweazey, Sandra$250NursingNoneAcademic promise, FT
Taylor, Othenia$250NursingNoneFinancial need, Satisfactory Progress, FT
Toner, James "Bud" $1,000Computer Integrated MachiningNoneFinancial need, Academic record, recommendation
Turner, Margaret Cuthbertson$500Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic record, FT
Unrestricted General$500Any CurriculumNC ResidentFinancial need, Academic record
Wachovia$500Any CurriculumNoneFinancial need, Academic promise, FT
Western Piedmont Foundation$1,000Any CurriculumNC ResidentFinancial need
Whalen, Michael$200College TransferAny CountyFinancial need, Academic record
Williams, George & Wilma$250NursingBurke (preferred)Financial need, Academic record
Winchester, Lanie$500Any CurriculumBurke CountyFinancial need, Academic Record, FT
*Award amounts listed are 2014-15 awards. Amounts awarded each year vary depending upon investment return.


DATE POSTED: 3/12/2015

Additional information and applications can be found in the Financial Aid Rack in Student Services or by contacting Tonja Suttles, Financial Aid Counselor, in Hildebrand Hall 119 or at 828.448-3597.