Clubs & Organizations

Here is a list of active campus clubs and the mission. Join one today! Don’t see a club you’re interested in? Start one! Visit Emily Willis, Coordinator of Student Affairs, in Hildebrand Hall 100-C for more information.


Medical Assisting

To stimulate an active interest in the field of Medical Assisting by engaging in activities that promote the profession; to develop interpersonal relationship skills by working with others in selected activities; to develop the value of service to others by performing service projects for the College and Community.
Advisor: Vicki Shuping, (828) 448-3172,

Natural Sciences

To stimulate in young adults an active interest in science; to help increase the efficiency of the Science Department; to enable members of the Science Club to raise money for scholarships and for field trip travel; to recruit new members for the Science Club; to help acquaint students of WPCC with the standards established by the Science Department.
Advisor:  Michael Spath, (828) 448-3522,

Students for Christ

A Christian Interdenominational Ministry among college students at WPCC; the work of the organization includes Bible study, Ministry, Fellowship, and Outreach.
Advisor: Bill Childers, (828) 448-6054,

Early Childhood Education Club

The purpose of this organization is to facilitate the professional development of the members through participation in a variety of early childhood activities at the local and state level.
Advisor: Kasey Gardner,, (828) 448-3133

Criminal Justice Club

To stimulate an active interest in Criminal Justice affairs; to help the efficiency of government within the Criminal Justice system; to enable members of the Criminal Justice Club to raise money for scholarships and for field trip travel; to recruit new members for the Criminal Justice Club; to help acquaint students of Western Piedmont Community College with the Criminal Justice standards and to provide for our students and administration a high degree of justice.
Advisors: Steven J. Moulton,, (828) 448-6042; and Sarah Owens Weeks,, (828) 448-6047

Paralegal Association

To establish good fellowship between this association, the legal community, and the members of the paralegal profession; to stimulate a high order of ethical and professional conduct; to provide educational programs and opportunities supplemental to regular course work.
Advisor: Brian Mills, (828) 448-6044,

Astronomy Club

The WPCC Astronomy Club provides opportunities to learn more about astronomy. Club meetings include discussions of issues concerning space exploration and the latest news about recent discoveries. It also provides workshops for using telescopes and conducts public observing sessions. The club encourages interactions between students and amateur astronomers in the general public so that all can share ideas to learn more about astronomy and enhance their enjoyment of the hobby.

Pioneer Literary Society

The WPCC Pioneer Literary Society is a club open to all students and faculty of Western Piedmont Community College (including Burke Middle College and CCP students). This club explores literature, film, writing, and philosophy. There are no membership dues, and meetings are usually held bi-monthly. Meetings typically include refreshments, reading, conversation, and games. The WPCC Pioneer Literary Society hosts a themed, murder mystery party each year. The purpose of the society is to foster a sense of literary interest and community within the college.

Global Village

To encourage community involvement relating to culture; to learn about diversity awareness through ethnic groups; to be a community focused educational experience devoted to diversity expansion; and to be a multicultural forum for interested WPCC students, staff, faculty, and community.
Advisor: Erin Mendoza, (828) 448-3109,

Drama Club

To create an inclusive community of WPCC students who are interested in gaining additional knowledge, perspective, and appreciation of the Performing Arts; to provide opportunities for learning, growth, service and fun to Club members, to the College, and to the community at large.

WPCC Growers

To promote recognition of the Horticulture Technology and Sustainable Agriculture programs at Western Piedmont Community College. We seek to develop leadership, character, and citizenship and to encourage cooperation among students in the various curricular areas and promote positive relations between the club and our community.
Advisor: Brandon Pitman, (828) 448-3554,

Sign Language Club

To promote sign language education, interaction between hearing and deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, and learn more about deaf community issues.
Advisor: Jeffery York, (828) 448-6028,

Human Services Club

To provide students with an outlet for further development of skills related to our field; to provide a venue for information and idea sharing, advance the best interests of our chosen field and to serve our community and Western Piedmont Community College in a collective and advantageous manner.
Advisor: Rob Angley, (828) 448-3137,

Film and Fine Arts

To broaden and enlighten the knowledge, appreciation, and perspectives of students interested in fine arts and film, as well as offering assistance to the goals of the students who are interested in pursuing careers or independent projects in these fields of study.
Advisors: Jonathan Crumpler, (828) 448-3544,; and Mark Poteat, (828) 448-3538,

North Carolina Association of Nursing Students

The nursing degree program has a club for each graduating class to help students as they progress during the two year program.
Advisors: Karen Pritchard, (828) 448-3546,; and Faye Cook, (828) 448-3534,

Professional Crafts Club

To enhance the educational experience of students within the Professional Crafts curricula, foster appreciation and understanding of fine craft in the community, prepare students for careers in fine craft, support the mission of the Professional Crafts program.
Advisor: Courtney Long, (828) 448-3552,

Rotaract Club

To provide an opportunity for students to volunteer, making a difference in our communities and the world. WPCC’s Rotaract Club is a campus-based Rotary Club fostering leadership skills and promoting better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
Advisors: Maureen “Mo” Schwind, (828) 448-6402,; and Anna Moose, (828) 448-3162,