Step-by-Step Enrollment Instructions

Tuition Payment Plan Options


Here are the steps you must follow to sign up for a payment plan for your tuition:

  • Register for classes and receive your registration statement.
  • Next click the “Sign Up For or Manage a Payment Plan” link above to create your agreement.
  • If this is the first time you have used the tuition payment plan, click “Create a username & password” and follow the steps to create your unique user name and password


If you have had a tuition payment plan before, sign in using your username (or email) and password from your previous payment plan(s)

  • Click “Set up a Payment Plan” on the right side of the screen, select the current term, and click “Begin.”
  • Review your contact information, make any necessary changes, and click “Next”
  • Click “Add a Student” to create a new payment plan or select the student’s name if a payment plan has been used in past semesters.
  • Enter the amount due in the “Tuition and Fees” box and click “Next”
  • Select the only plan option available for the current registration and click “Next”
  • Select the form of payment you wish to use for this payment plan.
Bank Account –
  • Checking / Savings – Enter the account holder name and bank name
  • Select the account type. Enter the bank routing number, and your account number.
  • There is a help button on how to complete bank information.


**If you plan to use a savings account, please make sure your bank allows automatic bank drafts from savings accounts before setting up your payment plan**


Credit Card

  • American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover – Please make sure the expiration date extends through the end of the semester.
  • Click Authorize
  • Print a copy of your agreement for your records