Student Accident Insurance


  • If a student has an emergency on campus and needs immediate medical care please do the following:
    1. Call 911 and get an ambulance to them
    2. Contact SECURITY so information can be obtained from the student and incident and forwarded on to the Business Office
    3. Make sure you contact that student and let them know they must come to the business office within one week to see Miriam Kania and complete a Student Accident Claim Form



NON-Emergency Situations

  • Student will report to Miriam Kania in the Business Office and complete a Student Accident Claim Form
  • Once the Student Accident Claim Form is completed, Miriam, with the student present, will call Burke Occupational Health (828) 433-0604, to schedule an appointment for the student to be seen for their injury
  • The student will need to bring their insurance card and the Student Accident Claim Form with them to their appointment
  • The student’s personal insurance will be billed first, and the College’s Insurance will be billed second. Any balance not covered by either insurance will be the student’s responsibility
  • After the doctor sees the student, he or she will need to take any bills back to the Business Office for processing with Insurance Company

Please make sure you notify students of this insurance at the beginning of each semester.  Each student pays $1.20 for coverage and should be aware of having it. 



These procedures will

  • Speed up the payout process for services rendered and out-of-pocket expenses for students.
  • Eliminate lost bills and unclear communication between students, insurance, and WPCC.
  • Keep medical costs down for students. If a trip to the Emergency Room is needed, students must incur the out-of-pocket expenses upfront.