The Founding of a Community College

Time Frame: 1962-1968

Here is an archive of newspaper articles discussing the planning for and birth of Western Piedmont Community College. These documents are in PDF format which can be accessed by the free Reader software from Adobe. If you are unable to access these documents and would like additional assistance, please contact the webmaster.


A Community College for Burke County: A Report on Community Service
(Letter from J.D. Fitz, Publisher of the Morganton News-Herald)


Phifer Advances Idea: Asks Community College Explored  Morganton News-Herald  Jan 8, 1962
Once in a Lifetime Chance (Editorial) Morganton News-Herald Nov. 1, 1963
State’s Approval Given for Two-Year Community College Morganton News-Herald Jan. 10, 1964
College Vote Set March 21 Morganton News-Herald Jan. 13, 1964
Boards Provide Leadership Morganton  News-Herald Jan. 14, 1964
C of C Directors Ask Bond Support Morganton  News-Herald Jan. 14, 1964
Commissioners Okay College Bond Vote Morganton News-Herald Feb. 5, 1964
No Opposition Raised at College Hearing Morganton  News-Herald Feb. 17, 1964
Registration to Open for College Election Morganton  News-Herald Feb. 19, 1964
Phifer Honored as Man of Year for College Movement  Morganton News-Herald  Feb.  20, 1964
Why a Community College (Editorial) Morganton  News-Herald Mar. 3, 1964
Burke Steering Group Plans Community College Drive Morganton  News-Herald Mar. 5, 1964
Headquarters Opened for College Campaign Morganton  News-Herald Mar. 9, 1964
Community College Called a Vital Need for Burke County  Morganton News-Herald  Mar. 18, 1964
Ballot for a Community College for Burke County  Morganton News-Herald  Mar. 20, 1964
Questions and Answers on Community College Morganton News-Herald Mar. 20, 1964
College Wins by Landslide 17 to 1 Vote  Morganton News-Herald  Mar. 23, 1964
Community College Vote is Certified  Morganton News-Herald Mar. 25, 1964
Four Named to Board of Community College: School Boards Act  Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 7, 1964
Commissioners Pick Four College Trustees: Governor to Name Four  Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 13, 1964
Governor Names Four Trustees for College: To Complete 12- Man Board  Morganton News-Herald  May 13, 1964
Phifer is College Chairman Morganton News-Herald June 2, 1964
Florida Man to Head Community College: President Chosen by Board   Morganton News-Herald  Sep. 1, 1964
Community College Sets Goal for 1966 Morganton News-Herald Oct. 6, 1964
What Name do You Like? (Editorial) Morganton News-Herald Oct. 14, 1964
Western Piedmont is Name for Community College  Morganton News-Herald  Oct. 23, 1964
Dr. Stallworth Outlines Community College Plan Morganton News-Herald Nov. 10. 1964
Conference Will Aid in College Planning: Consultants Coming  Morganton News-Herald  Nov. 25, 1964
Planning Burke College (Captioned Photo)   Morganton News-Herald  Nov. 27, 1964
Burke College Selects Dean: Instruction Chief Morganton News-Herald Jan. 28, 1965
Council of State Approves Sale of Site for College Morganton News-Herald Jan. 29, 1965
A.G. Odell is Architect for Burke’s Community College Morganton News-Herald Feb. 5, 1965
Planning Session is Held  Morganton News-Herald Sep. 21, 1965
Registration Tuesday for Adult Education Morganton News-Herald Oct. 4, 1965
College Moves Into Old Central School  Morganton News-Herald  Oct. 6, 1965
Studying College Plans (Captioned Photo)  Morganton News-Herald  Nov. 15, 1965
Stallworth Reports College Progressing Morganton News-Herald Nov. 19, 1965
Western Piedmont College Accepts its First Student  Morganton News-Herald Dec. 1, 1965
College Courses to Start in March  Morganton News-Herald  Feb. 17, 1966
Registration is Brisk for College Courses Morganton News-Herald Mar. 3, 1966
Nursing Program Started Morganton News-Herald Jun. 17, 1966
Faculty Members Get Welcome at Reception Morganton News-Herald Aug. 29, 1966
College Registration 388, Classes Start on Thursday Morganton News-Herald Sep. 7, 1966
Community College Holds First Fall Convocation  Morganton News-Herald  Sep. 8, 1966
Character is a Product of True Education (Conv. Address by Dr. E.W. Phifer) Morganton News-Herald Sep. 8, 1966
Bids for Community College are Studied Morganton News-Herald Sep. 14, 1966
WPCC Opens Many Doors to its Students Morganton News-Herald Sep. 22, 1966
Survey Team Visits Community College: For Southern Association Morganton News-Herald April 26, 1967
Blank Confirmed WPCC President: By State Board Morganton News-Herald Aug. 3, 1967
Lined Up for Registration (captioned photo) Morganton News-Herald Sep. 22, 1967
WPCC is Candidate for Accredidation: Recommendation Approved Morganton News-Herald Dec. 4, 1967
Western Piedmont Provides Opportunities for All Persons The Charlotte Observer Jan. 21, 1968
Adult Basic Education, H.S. Completion Classes Planned  Morganton News-Herald Jan 25, 1968
College Moving Day Soon Morganton News-Herald Feb. 8, 1968
College Starts Moving to its New Campus Near U.S. 64, I -40 Morganton News-Herald Mar. 15, 1968
(WPCC) At work in New Home Morganton News-Herald Mar. 26, 1968
Western Piedmont Building Site Morganton News-Herald Apr. 19, 1968
Thousands Visited Western Piedmont Sunday (Open House) Morganton News-Herald May 8, 1968
Expert Team (SACS) Eying WPCC Operations Morganton News-Herald May 16, 1968
First Nursing Class Morganton News-Herald May 28, 1968
WPCC Adult Education Course: Summer Quarter 1968 Morganton News-Herald Jun. 10, 1968
WPCC is Awarded Full Accreditation Morganton News-Herald Dec. 5, 1968
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