Peer Tutoring Job Description

Western Piedmont Community College
Academic Success Center
Phifer Learning Resource Center, Room 100

Position Overview:

Provides tutoring to individuals and small groups in the Academic Success Center located in the Phifer Learning Resource Center, Room 100. This position assists students in improving academic achievement, supports students by reviewing and clarifying learning problems, and provides useful study skills to students that need supplemental help. Additionally, peer tutors provide subject-area knowledge and serve as a model for students in the techniques, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that successful learners employ as they acquire new knowledge, solve problems, and complete academic tasks. Other assistance might include reviewing class material, discussing text, reviewing test questions, generating ideas for papers, or working on solutions to problems.


  • Complete the required 10 hours of tutor training
  • Attend all scheduled tutoring sessions and notify the ASC Coordinator if a session must be cancelled
  • Prepare for tutoring sessions by reviewing any notes, handouts, and/or bookwork
  • Be punctual, begin all sessions promptly, use time for academic tasks, and focus on the student’s needs
  • Help students set academic and personal goals, and monitor progress toward those goals
  • Complete monthly reports which include detailed information of tutoring sessions
  • Complete monthly timesheets which include name, date, student identification number, and signature in blue or black ink
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality with regard to academic progress and/or personal information concerning students


  • High School Diploma or GED (unless special authorization is given)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An A or B grade in the course(s) to be tutored, exempt from the course, or an instructor recommendation


  • Peer tutors earn $10.00 per hour for both individual and group tutoring
  • Tutoring will be assigned according to student demand and tutor availability
  • Employment as a tutor does not guarantee a minimum number of work hours, or continued employment

Application and Hiring Process

To complete the tutor application packet, please come by the Academic Success Center in the Phifer Learning Resource Center, Room 100. If you have specific questions, please contact Melissa Hartley, Peer Tutor Coordinator at (828) 448-6404 or by e-mail at

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