Campus Email

Basic Instructions for Campus E-Mail

All WPCC students will be issued an email address with the extension

Student email accounts will be automatically removed after one year of inactivity or 30 days after official notification of graduation from the Office of Records and Registration.

Students that forward their student email to a personal email account, should log directly into their student email account at least once a month, to keep it active.


  • Student email addresses will be automatically created.
  • Student Services will provide email access information to new applicants.
  • Students who officially change their name with student records on or after the beginning of a 
semester, will NOT be issued a new username or email address until the upcoming semester. This is to ensure accurate reporting and prevent the accidental deletion of any completed coursework.


WPCC  Support – Please type “Student E-Mail Help” in the email subject textbox.

Instructions for Activating Your Campus Email Account

    1. Web link: To access your student email account, go to the Western Piedmont Home page and click on “Email” at the top of the screen.
    2. Sign-in: Type your WPCC username (example: and password in the appropriate boxes, and click the “Sign In” button.
      • Your password is the same as your WPCC student password. If you are having problems with you password, you may reset it using Password Master. NOTE: This changes your password for Pioneer Pass, Moodle, and other services you use at WPCC, so you will use the new password with these services too.
    3. Time Zone: Our time zone is (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) You will be asked to select your time zone the first time you log in.