Media Services

Policies and Procedures

Media Services’ primary purpose is to support learning and instruction throughout the campus, community college-related functions off-campus, and through the virtual community. We are located in Moore Hall Room 17. The services we provide involve numerous audio-visual technologies and multi-media formats new and old.  Scheduling Media Services support or acquiring immediate emergency service is easily done through the Technology Division’s work order system.

While emergencies are unexpected and cannot be avoided, we urge instructors to plan at least 48 hours in advance when scheduling equipment.  We like to contact the instructor and consider any potential problems in the use of the technology. Some examples include:

  • Internet access in a particular room
  • New equipment that requires some training
  • Older equipment that needs to be checked for problems
  • Presentations developed using software that may have compatibility issues

Media Services specializes in researching presentational software and equipment for the classroom. If you have read about or seen equipment you feel would be useful for learning, please do not hesitate to call for help in finding a way to obtain this instructional technology for the classroom. Also, if you have a piece of equipment purchased by your division, but are experiencing problems with its implementation, we can help you get it up and running.

Security is always a concern that affects our procedures. Media Services must check out equipment to an instructor or other employee of the college. Once it is signed out, the equipment is the sole responsibility of the instructor or employee. The checkout usually occurs in Media Services, but for practical reasons the equipment may be delivered and signed out on location. It then becomes the responsibility of the person who checks out the equipment to return it to Media Services or a predetermined secure location. Having someone else return the equipment is not advised and does not remove the equipment security responsibility from the instructor or employee who signed for the equipment.

All WPCC faculty and staff are encouraged to help secure WPCC equipment. Classrooms should be locked when unattended. Feel free to lock the door yourself or notify the nearest person you think has a key to do so. If you see any potential for theft or damage of WPCC equipment, please call the Technology Support Desk.

Media Services Hours

Media Services normal operating hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Off-hours scheduling can be arranged, well in advance, to provide Media Services personnel for College-sponsored special events. Limited in-classroom AV support is available for evening classes through the Technology Division Help Desk (6030) which operates from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday through Thursday and from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Fridays.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you create an environment most conducive to learning.