CCP Career and Technical Education

CCP Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education Pathways (CTE) are designed for high school students to complete a certificate as well as accumulate credits toward an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. All CTE pathway courses are college courses, but most courses are not transferable. Transferrable courses are identified in the course descriptions. There is no weight added to the student’s high school GPA for non-transferrable courses.

How to  Enroll

To enroll in the CCP program, students MUST meet with a WPCC Career Coach, who will help them complete a CCP application, select an appropriate college pathway, and enroll in college courses. Students may ONLY take courses listed in their pathway(s) until all pathway courses are completed. Then, students may continue taking courses toward completion of the corresponding degree.

Most students will enroll in a single pathway (either a college transfer pathway or a career technical pathway). However, students may enroll simultaneously in ONE transfer pathway and ONE technical pathway, or TWO career technical pathways. Once established, students may NOT change their designated pathway(s) without proper documentation and approval from BCPS and WPCC.

CCP Eligibility for Juniors & Seniors

For the Career and Technical Education Pathways  here are the requirements for students seeking to enroll in College & Career Promise at WPCC:

  • High School GPA (unweighted) of at least 2.8 OR a recommendation of a high school principal or designee
    NOTE: Completion of a CTE pathway earns a college certificate and students can continue work toward the corresponding A.A.S. degree. CTE pathways that include UGETC courses will not be eligible for the principal/designee waiver for entry in the CCP program.

To maintain eligibility, students must continue to make progress toward high school graduation and maintain a 2.0 GPA in college coursework after completing 2 courses. A student who falls below a 2;.0 GPA after completing 2 courses will be subject to WPCC’s policy for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Pathway Options

Students may select up to TWO Career and Technical Pathways, provided the specific pathway prerequisites have been met.