Negative Introductions and Conclusions Activity

Directions:  Look over the following “negative introductions and conclusions” and try to pinpoint the “do not’s” they represent.  Please use the space provided under each scenario to type your response.

Negative Introductions and Conclusions:

  • Jim, one of the Academic Success Center’s tutors, sits at a desk reading when a student walks into the tutoring lab. Jim glances up briefly and says, “Hi there! Go ahead and have a seat; I’ll be with you in just a sec,” before resuming his reading.
  • Sara, a student at WPCC, wanders by the tutoring lab and stops to read some information from the board outside. Matt notices this but does not acknowledge Sarah’s presences or offer assistance and instead continues the session.
  • Juan comes to the Academic Success Center at the request of his English instructor. The tutor, Stephanie, greets Juan with a smile and asks how she can help. Juan explains that he needs someone to proofread his paper for him. Stephanie’s smile fades, and she informs Juan she cannot help and that Juan needs to go elsewhere for assistance.
  • Jack is working with a student who has a one hour session. At the one hour mark, Jack abruptly informs the student the session is over and that and that he has to do something else – even though the student has additional questions.
  • Nathan, a math tutor, has worked for the past hour with a frustrated student who could not grasp the basic rules of the order of operations. Finally Nathan tells the student to go home, spend time working on more problems, and return next week. Nathan’s parting comment is, “If you don’t get it by then, you never will.”