Law Enforcement In-Service Training

Photo of a K-9 Law Enforcement Training Class


Western Piedmont Community College provides in-service training opportunities for current law enforcement officers and Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) for individuals interested in a career in law enforcement.

Basic Law Enforcement Training

Learn more about WPCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program.

In-Service Training

To register for an in-service training course, you must download, complete, and submit the Law Enforcement Training Center Registration Form back to WPCC. The form is available by clicking the button under each course description in the calendar below, and instructions on how to submit the registration are included with the download. You must complete a registration form when you sign up for each class. Multiple officers from a law enforcement agency may register on one form. To view course descriptions and access the registration form, click the date or course name in the calendar. For more information, please contact Robin Nutt at (828) 448-3135 or at

Class Offerings

Here are the scheduled law enforcement in-service training classes currently being offered by WPCC. To register, click or tap the ”Register for This Class” button underneath the description.

If you would prefer a course listing in a calendar format, you can access it here.

Surviving the First Three Seconds

Date: July 18, 2022
Time: 0800-1700
Location: Leviton Auditorium
Instructor: Kirk Hensley

Course Description:

This class is designed to take the reactionary gap off of the officer and to place it back onto the suspect we are working with. This is done through a five-prong system.

  • Body Language Indicators to armed suspects
  • Clothing Indicators to armed suspects
  • Body Language and Verbal Pre-Assaultive Indictors
  • Street Level Interview Skills
  • Street Level Lie Detection Skills

The hope is that when you apply all five aspects of surviving the first three seconds, the officer will be able to stay safer through better communication skills while being able to recognize and access threats quicker.


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Human Behavior Analysis/Threat Analysis

Date: July 29, 2022
Time: 0800-1700
Location: Leviton Auditorium
Instructor: Kirk Hensley

Course Description:

This class is designed to provide the street level working officer the scientific tools to improve their safety and better enforce the law. This is done through human behavior base lining and environment analysis. The student is taught to use a systematics method of statistical environmental observation to better locate a person or persons of interest while recognizing threats. This method uses a biases elimination tool to avoid complications that arise in court proceedings from explicit biases.


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