Law Enforcement In-Service Training

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Western Piedmont Community College provides in-service training opportunities for current law enforcement officers and Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) for individuals interested in a career in law enforcement.

Basic Law Enforcement Training

Learn more about WPCC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training program.

In-Service Training

To register for an in-service training course, you must download, complete, and submit the Law Enforcement Training Center Registration Form back to WPCC. The form is available by clicking the button under each course description in the calendar below, and instructions on how to submit the registration are included with the download. You must complete a registration form when you sign up for each class. Multiple officers from a law enforcement agency may register on one form. To view course descriptions and access the registration form, click the date or course name in the calendar. For more information, please contact Robin Nutt at (828) 448-3135 or at

Class Offerings

Here are the scheduled law enforcement in-service training classes currently being offered by WPCC. To register, click or tap the ”Register for This Class” button underneath the description.

If you would prefer a course listing in a calendar format, you can access it here.

Firearms Instructor Workshop

Date: June 27-28, 2019
Time: 0800-1700 (16 Hours)
Location: Morganton PS Firing Range
Instructor: Alex Cobb

Course Description:

This course is open to Certified Firearms Instructors and is free of cost. Equipment required: 500 rounds of handgun ammunition, Duty Belt, Duty Handgun, 3 magazines and normal range safety equipment, Patrol Rifle and 100 rounds of Rifle Ammunition.

The Firearms instructor Workshop is an opportunity for instructors to discuss and participate in a variety of live fire range exercises which they can use to accomplish firearms training objectives in their in-service firearms training program. It will include drills to assist and correct marginal shooters, to enhance both speed and accuracy and to make training interesting, challenging and rewarding to those they train.

Instructors will pair with a partner on the range to work a variety of live-fire drills designed to correct or improve specific shooter performance areas.  Participants will alternate with the partner as shooter and coach  All instructors will have an opportunity to share ideas that have been successful in their training programs so that everyone can leave with new ideas and new successes. Live-fire drills will include both handguns and patrol rifle. Class caps at 20.


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Radar Operator Re-Certification

Date: September 12-13, 2019
Time: 0800-1700 (16 Hours)
Location: Moore Hall – M15
Instructor: Major Billy R. Bradshaw

Course Description:

To maintain and enhance the skills necessary to operate radar speed measuring instruments. Trainee’s agency must provide a vehicle and radar(s) for practice and testing.


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