Human Resources Development & CRC

WPCC’s Human Resources Development Program

Photo of Student in Engineering LabThe Human Resources Development Program is structured to help unemployed and underemployed adults with training gain job skills and basic computer skills.  Classes are scheduled both on and off the WPCC campus.

HRD classes fees may be waived if students meet the following criteria:  unemployed, notification of impending layoff, working and eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or working and earn at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

For more information on our HRD classes, contact Amanda Cline at (828) 448-6145 e-mail: or Rick Furse at (828) 448-3121.

Get Ready for a Career through WPCC

WPCC will be offering several new programs to high school students in the Fall. Get the necessary hands-on training and valuable soft skills to enter the workforce after graduation.


You may also contact (828) 448-6145 or email

The Career Readiness Certification

The National Career Readiness Certificate is an essential tool and marketable credential that offers individuals and employers the opportunity to certify essential workplace skills.  Upon successful completion, individuals receive Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificates according to their skill levels.  With the Career Readiness Certificate, individuals prove they have the skills needed to successfully enter the workforce.

North Carolina benefits from potential employees holding a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)  to help build a strong workforce by bridging the skills gap and to provide an economic development tool with the CRC database proving the skill level of the workforce.

The Certificate benefits employers by increasing their bottom lines through skilled employees; reduction of turnover, overtime, waste, and training time; increase in productivity, and possible employee promotion through performance.  The CRC is a benefit to individuals receiving it through increased confidence, improved skills and better preparation for training, promotion and additional responsibilities.

Career Readiness Certificate Testing

This test is open for adults who wish to pursue Career Readiness Certification. The North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate is based on the ACT WorkKeys system of job profiling, assessment and instructional support. The system awards four levels of certification – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Career Readiness Certificate credentials are based on assessments in Applied Mathematics, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents.

All CRC testing is by appointment only. Please, contact Amanda Cline at (828-448-6145) e-mail: for more information and to make an appointment.