Middle School Individual Goal Plan & Academic Commitment Contract

TRIO Talent Search LogoWe’re glad you are interested in preparing for the future with WPCC’s Educational Talent Search program. In order to provide services and activities that will be helpful and interesting to you, plus get your commitment to the program and its goals, please answer the following questions.

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  • Please share jobs or careers that you might like to pursue.
  • Please share the names of colleges or universities that you might like to attend in the future.
  • What sorts of hobbies or subject do you enjoy in your spare time?
  • We offer several services to help you get ready for college or a career. Place a check by the services that you think might benefit you.
  • During this Academic Year I would like to receive information and assistance with the above identified/requested needs and services as well as accomplish any stated goals. Moreover, I agree to work diligently towards maintaining academic progress by not falling below a “C” average. I agree to work with the ETS staff to ensure specific actions are fulfilled; specifically, meeting regularly with my ETS Counselor.

    It is understood that my ultimate goal is enrollment in a program of postsecondary study, i.e.,college. By typing my name below, I indicate my full agreement to work towards achieving this plan and fulfilling this contract.