Educational Talent Search Program

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Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally-funded, academic outreach program facilitated by Western Piedmont Community College. ETS works cooperatively with the Burke County Public Schools to provide identified, eligible participants in grades 6-12 with additional academic and career counseling to ensure their success in school and life. Specific emphasis is placed upon completion of a rigorous high school curriculum and expectation of enrollment in college.  A special population of ETS students are identified as Burke Collegiate Scholars. All services & activities are provided FREE to participants.


Fast Facts About ETS

  • Nationwide, there are approximately 466 ETS programs providing services to some 363,300 students.
    • The WPCC/ETS program serves 650 students annually.  Participants are chosen during middle school and continue participation throughout high school until enrollment in college following their senior year in high school.  More than 80% of WPCC/ETS students are both first-generation potential college students and meet the financial guidelines established by the federal government.
    • Approximately 95% of WPCC/ETS students are promoted to the next grade level.
    • Approximately 95% of WPCC/ETS seniors:
      • graduate high school
      • apply for college admission
      • apply for financial aid
    • Approximately 82% of WPCC/ETS seniors enroll in college annually.
    • Students earning a college degree earn, on average, $1 million dollars more than a high school graduate.


The Talent Search Project is 100% federally funded @ $322,752 annually