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College Placement Testing Information

About the Test

Most programs offered by WPCC require students to take all or part of a series of placement tests.  The purpose of placement testing is to determine the level at which a student is to begin his/her college course work.  The following is a description of the various parts of the test series.


Test Format given at WPCC

NC DAP – adaptive, internet-based North Carolina Diagnostic Assessment and Placement test used by North Carolina’s community colleges to identify students’ readiness for college-level courses

NC DAP: English/Reading Portion

This portion consists of three sections:

  • One section contains 30 multiple choice questions covering reading skills (not timed)
  • One section contains 20 multiple choice questions covering writing and editing skills (not timed)
  • One section requires you to write an essay in response to a writing prompt (2 hour time limit)

NC DAP:  Math Topic Areas

This portion consists of 72 multiple choice questions (not timed)

  • Be prepared to solve these questions with pencil and paper as calculators may or may not be allowed with some test questions. 
  • Operations with Integers — Topics covered in this category include:  • Problem events that require the use of integers and integer operations • Basic exponents, square roots and order of operations • Perimeter and area of rectangles and triangles • Angle facts and the Pythagorean Theorem  • Absolute value
  • Fractions and Decimals — Topics covered in this category include:  • Relationships between fractions and decimals • Problem events that result in the use of fractions and decimals to find a solution • Operations with fractions and decimals • Circumference and area of circles • The concept of π • Application problems involving decimals
  • Proportions, Ratios, Rates and Percentages — Topics covered in this category include:  • Conceptual application problems containing ratios, rates, proportions and percentages • Applications using U.S. customary and metric units of measurement • Geometry of similar triangles
  • Expressions, Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities — Topics covered in this category include:  • Graphical and algebraic representations of linear expressions, equations and inequalities • Application problems using linear equations and inequalities
  • Graphs and Equations of Lines — Topics covered in this category include:  • Graphical and algebraic representations of lines • Interpretation of basic graphs (line, bar, circle, etc.)
  • Polynomials and Quadratic Applications — Topics in this category include:  • Graphical and algebraic representations of quadratics • Finding algebraic solutions to contextual quadratic applications • Polynomial operations • Factoring polynomials • Applying factoring to solve polynomial equations

Testing Is By Appointment

  • Submit your college application prior to scheduling a testing appointment.
  • Call (828) 448-6046 to schedule an appointment for the next available test date.
  • Seating is limited, so please call at your earliest opportunity to schedule your appointment.
  • Check in at Student Services in Hildebrand Hall at least 15 minutes before test time.
  • Present a photo ID.
  • Allow 3-4 hours to complete the testing process.
  • You will receive your test results at the conclusion of the test.
  • Questions regarding the placement test? Please call the Director of Career and Testing Services at (828) 448-3155.

Testing for Students at a Distance

If you live near WPCC, please follow the instructions noted above under “Testing is by Appointment.”

However, if you do not live within reasonable driving distance of WPCC, please contact your local community college and ask to schedule a courtesy placement test for WPCC.  Please have an official copy of your placement test scores sent to WPCC Admissions, 1001 Burkemont Avenue, Morganton, NC  28655.  WPCC accepts only the NC DAP placement test.

Special Test Accommodations

Test accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities.  If you require special test accommodations as a result of your disability, you must arrange for these accommodations at least 48 hours in advance of your assigned test date.  Arrangements for special accommodations are made through the Office of Disability Access by calling 448-3153.

NC DAP placement test, SAT, and ACT scores are not valid if more than five years old as of the first day of the term the student plans to enroll.

Placement Test Review

Each student is allowed to take the placement test only once, so it’s important to be prepared.  The WPCC Academic Success Center staff can help you prepare for placement testing by giving you a “pre-test” to evaluate your skills in writing, reading, and basic math skills.  A review program will be designed to help you improve any areas of weakness.  If you plan to review algebra skills, you must specifically ask for a review program in algebra in addition to the basic math review program.  Please allow up to 25 hours per subject area (75 hours total) to complete your review before you plan to test.

Note:  Most study materials must be used in the Academic Success Center. However, if students have access to the internet, they may be set up to use the web-based program – NC DAP – at home.  It is not recommended for students to complete all 75 hours of study on NC DAP.  A combination of working in the Academic Success Center and NC DAP will provide the best assistance for students.

Academic Success Center Information

  • Location: Phifer Learning Resource Center, Room 100
  • Phone: (828) 448 – 3115
  • Hours:  Monday – Thursday:  8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

For Sample Questions of the NC DAP

Additional Websites for Math Preparation

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Accuplacer NCCCS: Diagnostic and Placement Test Sample Questions

  • NCCCS Test Sample

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