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Naomi Roberts


Photo of Naomi Roberts with her husband and 2 childrenHi, I am Naomi Roberts, the ACA (College Transfer Success) Coordinator and a Mathematics Instructor here at Western Piedmont Community College.

Many may not realize this, but my college education started at the community college where I placed into developmental (remedial) mathematics. It was that type of beginning that opened the door for me to become a supplemental instructor for that course the following semester. My original plan was to earn a degree in Physical Therapy, but after spending time tutoring and helping others understand math, I realized that my calling was to be an instructor of mathematics in the community college environment. However, I graduated from Midland College in Midland, Texas, with an Associate of Science in Biology because I was too far along to switch majors. After moving to North Carolina in 2003, I was able to pursue my mathematics degrees. My Bachelor of Arts degree was in Pure Mathematics, and my Master of Arts degree was in Education with a concentration in Community College Teaching/Mathematics. Teaching is more than just knowing a subject. Teaching requires the ability to explain the concepts in a way that students can follow.

Throughout my college years, I spent my time working in the community college environment as a math tutor and/or supplemental instructor. After receiving my bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, Asheville in 2006, I was hired as a part-time developmental mathematics instructor at both Isothermal Community College in Spindale, NC, and Spartanburg Community College at the Gaffney, SC, campus. In May of 2010, I graduated from Western Carolina University with my Master’s degree and was fortunate enough to find full-time employment in the fall of 2010 here at Western Piedmont. Over the years, I have taught both developmental mathematics and transfer mathematics courses in various formats, including seated, hybrid, self-paced (Emporium), and online. From August 2013 until July 2018, I held the title of Department Head of Developmental Studies. Due to state changes, it was reorganized into the specific subject departments. During this time, I completed the Department Chair Institute and helped lead our department to receive national recognition. In 2016, our Developmental Studies Program received accreditation from the National Association of Developmental Education, and we were the winner of the Outstanding Developmental Studies Program Award both state-wide and nationally. My role now is Coordinator of ACA and mathematics instructor. I currently serve on the Student Success Committee and also have the privilege to serve on various short-term committees every so often. I enjoy attending Professional Development workshops/conferences so that I can stay informed about state/local changes as well as find ways to improve my teaching techniques. I am a proud member of both the North Carolina Association of Developmental Education (NCADE) and National Association of Developmental Education (NADE).

Besides my passion for teaching, I also enjoy the advising part of my job. In fall of 2016, I began overseeing the ACA 122 (College Transfer Success) course, which has provided me the opportunity to sit down with students and help them map out their educational plan through bachelor’s degree completion. Navigating the pathways is not easy, and I find it very rewarding to help students “Find Their Way” here at Western Piedmont and beyond.

On a personal note, I will be married 10 years (as of Oct 2018) to my wonderful husband Chris. We have two children, Cavan and Ruthie, who keep us busy 24/7. I enjoy spending time outdoors: walking, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. I am also very involved in my home church where I am a Sunday school teacher for 4- and 5-year-olds as well as a volunteer for nursery, Vacation Bible School, and various other yearly events.

Most importantly, I want you to know that I am a dedicated instructor who wants my students to not only be successful in my courses but also “Find Their Way” to reaching their full potential. If I can help you in any way, please stop by my office (Patton Hall 33) or send me an email at

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