The New Campus Grows

Time Frame: 1969-1971

Here is an archive of newspaper articles about the growth of WPCC in the early years. These documents are in PDF format which can be accessed by the free Reader software from Adobe. If you are unable to access these documents and would like additional assistance, please contact the webmaster.


Western Piedmont College Moves to New Campus
(Caldwellians Among Officials
Lenoir News-Topic Feb. 28, 1969
Chambers: Much still remains to be Done
(For Racial Progress)
 Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 4, 1969
A Great Day for Everybody Morganton News-Herald May 2, 1969
Sanford Sees Bright Future for WPCC Morganton News-Herald May 5, 1969
College Gets $610,000 Federal Grants
(WPCC to Add 2 New Buildings)
Morganton News-Herald May 30, 1969
Open House is Held in New Medical Lab Morganton News-Herald Jun. 5, 1969
101 Get Degrees at WPCC Finals (Dr. Evans Speaks) Morganton News-Herald Jun. 9, 1969
Art Works Exhibited Morganton News-Herald Jun. 11, 1969
Foundation Starts Drive for Community College
(For Special Fund Needs)
Morganton News-Herald Jun. 25, 1969
Typical Class in Drafting Morganton News-Herald Jul. 23, 1969
WPCC Graduates Hear Gaston College Head
(At Summer Commencement)
 Morganton News-Herald  Aug.  22, 1969
Mrs. Moore, Masked Marvel Race Winners
(In WPCC Tricycle Contest)
Morganton News-Herald Nov. 4, 1969
Veterans Raise Flag at WPCC Morganton News-Herald Nov. 12, 1969
Western Piedmont Admitted to Membership in N.C. Association Lenoir News-Topic Nov. 17, 1969
Groundbreaking Set for Two New WPCC Buildings
(Ceremony Planned Thursday)
 Valdese News  Jan. 5, 1970
Holding the Silver Shovel  Morganton News-Herald  Jan. 9, 1970
Introduction to Firefighting Morganton News-Herald Mar. 11, 1970
Earth Day Cleanup Planned by WPCC
(It’s Project HAWG PEN)
 Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 17, 1970
Symphony to give Pops Concert
(First Open-Air Appearance at WPCC Plaza)
 Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 23, 1970
First Man Nurse to Graduate  Morganton News-Herald  May. 21, 1970
Dr. Wey Tells Graduates Vast Changes are Ahead
(At WPCC Commencement)
 Morganton News-Herald  May 25, 1970
WPCC Offers Horse Shoeing This Fall (12 Week Course) Valdese News Sep. 2, 1970
270 New Students at WPCC   Morganton News-Herald  Sep. 3, 1970
Welding Department is Checked in WPCC’s New Building Morganton News-Herald Oct. 30, 1970
You Can’t Go Up Creek Without a Paddle
(A No-No in Canoe Class)
Morganton News-Herald Jan. 7, 1971
Western Piedmont Accessible, Innovative, Exciting  Charlotte Observer  Jan. 24, 1971
WPCC Library Gets Its 20,001st Book Morganton News-Herald Apr. 7, 1971
Dental Assisting Program Approved Morganton News-Herald Apr. 30, 1971
Future of College Grads Discussed by Dr. Scales
(At Western Piedmont Commencement)
 Morganton News-Herald  May. 26, 1971
Airborne Troops ‘Secure the Campus’ at WPCC   Morganton News-Herald Jul. 26, 1971
Dedication Speaker Urges Community College Support
(WPCC Host at Open House)
Morganton News-Herald Sep. 20, 1971
Public Invited to Tour WPCC at Open House Sunday Morganton News-Herald Sep. 23, 1971
Dr. Phifer Reappointed as Trustee Morganton News-Herald Sep. 24, 1971
Talent Available to Local Groups Morganton News-Herald Sep.24, 1971
Working for More Beautiful Western Piedmont Morganton-News Herald Oct. 18, 1971
Pioneer Week Kickoff Morganton News-Herald Oct. 29, 1971
First Graduating Class
(First 20 Correctional Officers Receive Diplomas)
 Morganton News-Herald Nov. 3, 1971
She Likes What She’s Doing Valdese News Dec. 2, 1971
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