Changing Leadership & New Challenges

Time Frame: 1977-1979

Here is an archive of newspaper articles about changing leadership and new challenges arising for WPCC. These documents are in PDF format which can be accessed by the free Reader software from Adobe. If you are unable to access these documents and would like additional assistance, please contact the webmaster.


College crisis exaggerated? Morganton News-Herald 1977
WPCC will participate in new BA program  Morganton News-Herald  1977
Governor names Sitton trustee at WPCC Morganton News-Herald  1977
Blind coach inspires WPCC Morganton News-Herald Jan. 18, 1977
Burke archeological survey is completed Morganton News-Herald  Mar. 25, 1977
WPCC program accredited Morganton News-Herald  Jul. 5, 1977
Community Colleges, WCU Offering Program Hickory Daily Record Oct. 10, 1977
Ms. WPCC pageant planned Morganton News-Herald Dec. 2, 1977
Advising Center opens at WPCC Valdese News Dec. 8, 1977
Ms. Western Piedmont Valdese News Dec. 15, 1977
Let’s Get Acquainted: Ruth Shade: a character Morganton News-Herald  Dec.  30, 1977
First two B.A. courses set to begin at WPCC Morganton News-Herald 1978
Blank: I saw the dream become reality Morganton News-Herald 1978
WPCC to launch TV satellite course plan Valdese News Jan. 18, 1978
WPCC president resigning  Morganton News-Herald  Jan. 26,1978
Musicians are ready to go on the road!  Morganton News-Herald  Feb. 16, 1978
WPCC preparing to advertise for bids on new buildings Morganton News-Herald Feb. 23, 1978
WPCC conference focuses on humanities Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 6, 1978
Soviet dissident writer will speak at WPCC  Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 12, 1978
College Names City Native As President  Hickory Daily Record  Apr. 15, 1978
Pioneer Week festivities on tap at Western Piedmont  Morganton News-Herald  Apr. 26, 1978
WPCC officials surprised at high bids Morganton News-Herald May. 12, 1978
Active search continues for new WPCC president   Morganton News-Herald  May 19, 1978
Blank says farewell Morganton News-Herald May 29, 1978
He brought WPCC a long, long way Morganton News-Herald Jun. 19, 1978
Students helping students  Morganton News-Herald  Jun. 20, 1978
141 applicants seek WPCC job Morganton News-Herald October  1978
WPCC enters movie business Morganton News-Herald 1979
Sports program O.K.’d at Western Piedmont  Morganton News-Herald  1979
Gloria Burleson, Ms. WPCC 1979 gets crown   Morganton News-Herald Jan. 15, 1979
Firm defends record before WPCC board Morganton News-Herald Feb. 14, 1979
WPCC facing faculty cutback Morganton News-Herald Feb. 14, 1979
WPCC lobbying county to hike president’s pay Morganton News-Herald Feb. 22, 1979
Texas educator finalist for WPCC post Morganton News-Herald Feb. 23, 1979
County board OKs talking with college on president search Morganton-News Herald Feb. 27, 1979
Droze named WPCC president Morganton News-Herald Mar. 27,  1979
College foundation reviewed  Morganton News-Herald Jul. 11, 1979
New building at WPCC Morganton News-Herald Aug. 14, 1979
Title III grant confirms high regard held for WPCC Unifour Independent Sep. 27, 1979
He retires today: WPCC honors H.D. Moretz Morganton News-Herald Sep. 29, 1979
WPCC founders honored Morganton News-Herald Oct. 24, 1979
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