Students Gain Experience From Working Professionals

Since it’s launch in 2004, the Digital Effects and Animation Technology program has offered instruction from working professionals in the field of Visual Effects, video production and motion graphic design, 3D animation and computer art. Students will create a professional portfolio website before graduating from the program so they can compete for a wide variety of entry level media production jobs. Students are also advised in the various career path options after graduating including gaining up to one year of full-time credit to UNC Asheville’s New Media degree program. WPCC is the only NC community college to house both Digital Effects and Animation Technology A.A.S. degree and the Simulation and Game Development A.A.S. degree. Having both programs at one college allows for great collaborative projects and increased options for student skills sets in both programs.

Students Keep Active in Media Production Projects

Students in both the DEAT and SGD programs participate in active learning environments. There are opportunities for students to engage in both individual and team oriented projects. Our programs encourage students to engage in projects that promote student comradery, civic engagement and assisting in community project experiences.

Video Production Courses

The Digital Effects and Animation Technology program integrates video production into the curriculum to meet the regional industry demand for media production skills sets. Students gain competitive skills in a variety of video production techniques from concept development, scriptwriting, production boards, video and audio capture, and postproduction.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Students learn a variety of keyframe and motion graphic skills sets that ensure they know standard principles of animation and design. Students learn a combination of  bitmap and vector graphic animation tools.

3D Modeling and Animation

Students learn a variety of tools for 3D pipeline production from concept to completed 3D renderings and animations. Students learn the most updated industry standard procedures to fast-track production skills in content creation and rendering.

48-hour Film Competitions

Participation in the Asheville 48 Hour Films has been a vehicle for student collaboration. Students from multiple departments including Drama, Digital Effects and Animation and Simulation and Game Development come together over the weekend for a fun and challenging weekend.

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