Mushroom NC Foraging License Workshop


Join Tradd Cotter and Western Piedmont Community College Sustainable Agriculture for a week-long fungi intensive. This comprehensive seminar will encompass all aspects of identification for successful foraging of culinary and medicinal mushrooms. During your week of hands-on instruction, you will learn fungi identification, gill printing, and foraging skills. We will also venture into the local forests to collect specimens and practice our knowledge. No experience necessary, attendees will receive expert instruction that will satisfy both beginner and advanced growers and foragers.

Attendees with take a final exam leading to a 5 year mushroom foraging license. This permit meets the criteria required by the state health departments and is formally approved for the foraging and selling of wild mushrooms in the following states: Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Day 1
Foraging Program Description and Requirements
Basic Mushroom Ecology
Macroscopic Features of Mushrooms
Microscopic features of mushrooms and Microscope Use
Foraging Basics and Hunt #1
Making spore prints

Day 2
Sorting Mushrooms from Day 1
Examining spore prints and microscopy
Toxicology of Mushrooms, Poisonings and Treatments
Gilled Mushroom Identification Basics

Day 3
Sorting Mushrooms
Pored Fungi (Polypores and Boletes) Basics
Food Safety: Storing and Distributing Mushrooms

Day 4
Quiz 1 on Mushroom Food Safety and Health Department Requirements and Toxicology
Cup Fungi, Bracket Fungi, Flask Fungi, Misc. fungi
Review for Final

Day 5
REVIEW – all species for Certification

Date: April 29 – May 03, 2019 Monday – Friday
Time; 8:00 am – 5:00 pm 
Location: K Building Sustainable Agriculture Building
Cost: $500  

Section: 57340

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