Educational Talent Search Grant Renewal Will Benefit Burke Community


Students standing underneath airplanes at the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

Students standing underneath airplanes at the WWII Museum in New Orleans.

August 26, 2021 – Western Piedmont Community College is proud to announce the continued funding of our Educational Talent Search Grant. After receiving a perfect score and applying for a nationally competitive grant, WPCC has received $1,819,580, which will be dispersed over the next five years.

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a college access program funded by the Federal Governments Department of Education with the goal to break down barriers that underserved students may encounter on their college journey.

Students must complete an application process and express a desire to attend college. The program grant will continue to serve the need in our community by providing opportunities such as college tours and cultural enrichment experiences for student’s 6th through 12th grade in Burke County Schools.

“Educational Talent Search has benefitted me by giving me a better understanding of colleges and careers,” student Esmeralda E. said. “The counselors are very patient, understanding, and are always willing to help.”

ETS also aims to assist students with time management, test taking, study and organizational skills, in addition to completing college applications, registering for classes, preparing for college entrance exams and applying for scholarships – including federal and state financial aid.

“This program helps our community because through ETS we serve middle schoolers and high schoolers. We get to work with students over 7 years and create a relationship with those students, so that when it comes time to make a decision about their educational future, then those students know they are working with people they can trust,” TRIO Programs Director Jennifer Patton said.