ATTENTION: Possible Spam Attacks

We have been made aware of at least three potential calls to individuals in our community where the person was told they owed a debt to the College and asked for personal identifying information. The caller identified themselves as an employee of Western Piedmont Community College and suggested legal/criminal action may be taken against the individual if they did not cooperate.

NO employee of Western Piedmont Community College will initiate a call and request personal identifying information from you for any reason (i.e. birthdate, address, social security number, etc.). If you initiate the call, you may be asked for information such as your student ID number or the last four digits of your social or birth year to verify your identity but only if you initiate the call.

You do not need to call us when you have a possible scam. We just want to make you aware of the possibility and ask that you be careful with calls you receive from any entity. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 828-448-3500.