Earn a Bachelor of Arts degree as a full-time student.

Your life is complicated enough. WPCC offers a great solution for busy adults who want to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Here’s how it works:

  • You take only two classes at a time over 8-week periods
  • Fit your classes (both online and evening class sessions) into your busy schedule
  • Finish 5-7 credit hours every 8 weeks as a FULL-TIME student at WPCC
  • Complete your Associate in Arts degree in just 21 months!
  • Study with other students who can provide support and encouragement
  • Choose from a variety of transfer options for your Bachelor’s Degree.

A smiling brunette female student looks back over her shoulder with a computer in the background

Two students discuss an assignment while looking at a tablet computer

Schedule of Courses for 2021-2023

Fall, 2021

  • ENG 111
    Writing and Inquiry
    (3 hrs.)
  • PSY 150
    General Psychology
    (3 hrs.)
  • ACA 122
    College Transfer Success
    (1 hr.)
  • ENG 112
    Writing/Research in the Disc
    (3 hrs.)
  • HIS 111
    World Civilizations I
    (3 hrs.)

Spring, 2022

  • CIS 110
    Intro. to Computers
    (3 hrs.)
  • MAT 143
    Quantitative Literacy
    (3 hrs.)
  • ART 111
    Art Appreciation
    (3 hrs.)
  • MAT 152
    Statistical Methods I
    (4 hrs.)

Summer, 2022

  • ENG 232
    American Literature II
    (3 hrs.)
  • HEA 110
    Personal Health & Wellness
    (3 hrs.)

Fall, 2022

Spring, 2023

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