Tour the Big Apple and earn college credit during WPCC’s 2019 Spring Trip to New York City. Scroll down to learn more!

Register for college credit or enjoy a week exploring New York City this spring with a group of WPCC students and faculty.

Join Western Piedmont Community College instructors Mark Pellatt and Mark Poteat as they lead you through a tour of the sights and sounds of The City So Nice They Named It Twice. You will explore the art, music, and culture of The City That Never Sleeps during Spring Break (April 23-27). You have the option of earning college credit By registering for a WPCC curriculum class more on that later) or just enjoy the trip by signing up through WPCC Continuing Education.

Spring in
The Big Apple

College Credit

Register for one or both of these courses to earn college credit that includes work from your New York trip.

These classes being taught during the Spring, 2019 semester at WPCC feature special assignments based around the trip. Register for one or both to earn college credit.

ART 115 (Art History Survey II – 3 hours) – This course covers the development of art forms from the Renaissance to the present. Emphasis is placed on content, terminology, design, and style. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an historical understanding of art as a product reflective of human social development.

HUM 120 (Cultural Studies – 3 Hours) – This course introduces the distinctive features of a particular culture. Topics include art, history, music, literature, politics, philosophy, and religion. Upon completion, students should be able to appreciate the unique character of the study culture.

Continuing Ed.

You don’t have to register for college credit to travel with us to New York this spring!

You can enjoy the sights and sounds of NYC with us and not have to worry about completing an assignment for credit. Just register for the trip through WPCC Continuing Education and you can participate in all the activities scheduled without having to be a WPCC student. This option is perfect for parents who might enjoy the trip, other WPCC students who do not want to earn college credit but still want to go, or the general public.


Fees for the trip will include non-stop airfare  and hotel accommodations, including breakfast. Financial aid may apply. Ask for more details.


Want more information on the NYC trip? Give us your contact information and either Mark Pellatt or Mark Poteat will be in touch.

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