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01.01.010 Power and Duties of Trustees

All new students and all employees shall be required to participate in a primary prevention and awareness program that promotes awareness of discrimination, harassment and sexual-based violence.  This program will be held annually at the beginning of each fall semester.

At this annual training, students and employees must receive training in the following areas:

  1. Information about safe and positive options for bystander intervention skills;
  2. What “consent” means with reference to sexual activities.
  3. Risk reduction programs so students recognize and can avoid abusive behaviors or potential attacks;
  4. How and to whom to report an incident regarding discrimination, harassment and sexual-based violence;
  5. The importance of preserving physical evidence in a sexual-based violent crime; and
  6. Options about the involvement of law enforcement and campus authorities, including the alleged victim’s option to: i) notify law enforcement; ii) being assisted by campus authorities in notifying law enforcement; iii) declining to notify law enforcement; and iv) obtaining “no-contact” or restraining orders.

Each year, all students and employees will receive an electronic copy of these Procedures sent to their College email address of record.  These Procedures will be maintained online in the College’s website and a hard copy will be kept on file (in English and Spanish) in the Coordinator’s office.  Other translations will be made available upon request.