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How to Find Books in the WPCC Library

Clip art of a silhouette of a man with a brain and spinal cord superimposedUse our library catalog, found at one of our catalog terminals near the library entrance or online here. By default, the catalog opens to a simple keyword search.  If you want to search by  a specific title or author, choose the browse search mode under the “search” key at top of page.  Try different keywords if your first search does not bring up any relevant results.  There is great value in browsing the shelf area where you have found a relevant book.  Look in the section of the shelves marked “BF” to find books specifically about psychology.


Selected Reference Books

  • APA Dictionary of Psychology  (Ref. BF 31 .A65 2007)
    An accessible quick reference guide for students and professionals.
  • Biographical Dictionary of Psychology (Ref. BF 109. A1 Z85 1984)
    Contains entries on several hundred prominent contributors to the field of psychology, complete with basic biographical information, degrees, positions, and honors achieved by the person, a brief description of the person’s contributions, and a listing of biographies about that person.  Included as appendices are a chronological listing by birth date and a ranking of relative eminence.
  • The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science   (Ref. BF 31. E52 2000)
    Contains entries on over 1,200 topics.  Includes references in the text and in lists (often quite extensive) at the ends of entries.  Cross-references to other entries are given, and an index can be found in the 4th volume.
  • The Counseling Dictionary  (Ref. BF 637 C6 G5332 2006)
    This book provides concise definitions of key concepts and interventions in the field of counseling.
  • Encyclopedia of Human Emotions (Ref. BF 531 .E55 1999)
    The entries in this encyclopedia, most a few pages long, cover individual emotions (happiness, for example), biographical entries of prominent people in the field, and more general topics, such as consciousness.  References are mentioned in the text and compiled in lists at the ends of the entries.  A bibliography index and a subject index are located in the final volume.
  • The Encyclopedia of Memory and Memory Disorders (Ref. BF 371 .N55 2001)
    The entries in this work are quite brief.  See also references are given, and there are appendices on associations, recommended websites, more bibliographical information, and periodicals.  Also included are a very brief glossary and an index.
  • The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology (Ref. BF 31 .G35 1996)
    Contains almost 500 entries, each of which begins with a short sentence (in italics) defining the entry term.  These entries are generally less comprehensive than those in the Corsini Encyclopedia.  Cross-references can be found in the text of the entries as bolded words and at the ends of the entries as “see also” references.  Lists of further reading are given for many entries.  A glossary, bibliography, list of organizations, index by subfield, and index by subject are in the back of the book.
  • The International Dictionary of Psychology (Ref. BF 31 .S83 1995)
    Includes thousands of brief entries with cross-references given in all caps.
  • The Thirteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook (Ref. BF 431. M435 1998)
    The useful features of this book include entries about 369 tests (many of which have a number of reviews by professionals), an index of these tests by subject, and an index of acronyms of these tests.


Where to Look for Periodical Articles

IMPORTANT: If you want to access these resources off campus, you will use the same username and password  you use to log in to any campus computer.


NCLive provides access to more than 60 databases. Some are general, covering a wide range of material,
and some are subject-specific. Remember to select the “Full Text” option under the “Limit your Results” section.

Thompson Gale Academic OneFile Database

Academic OneFile is an excellent source for full-text articles. Start by searching for one or two keywords about your research topic in the advanced search, putting each one in a different search box. If your search retrieved
too many articles, try narrowing your search by adding keywords. You might want to click the box that limits the search to full-text articles. Be aware that the way to the full text might involve a few steps. Just follow the links and ask a librarian if you cannot find the articles.

Online Periodicals include:

  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Counseling Psychology Quarterly
  • Current Psychology
  • Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Journal of General Psychology
  • Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Journal of Social & Cultural Psychology
  • Substance Abuse: Treatment, Prevention and Policy


Recommended Website


WPCC Print Periodical Subscriptions

The library has a several current periodicals in print. The following relate to the study of psychology in particular:


updated 10/2017

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