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How to Find Books in the WPCC Library

Clip art of a plant in a potUse our library catalog, found at one of our catalog terminals near the library entrance or online here. By default, the catalog opens to a simple keyword search.  If you want to search by a specific title or author, choose the browse search mode under the “search” key at tope of page.  Try different keywords if you first search does not bring up any relevant results.  There is great value in browsing the shelf area where you have found a relevant book.  Look in the section of the shelves marked “SB” to find books specifically about horticulture.


Selected Reference Books

  • American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants (Ref. SB 403.2 .A45 1997)
  • American Standard for Nursery Stock (Ref. SB 118.73 .A64 1997)
  • Dirr’s Hardy Trees and Shrubs (Ref. SB 435.5 .D556 1997)
  • Diseases and Pests of Ornamental Plants (Ref. SB 603.5 .P57 1978)
  • Encyclopaedia of Ferns (Ref. SB 429 .J66 1987)
  • Encyclopedia of Cacti (Ref. SB 438 .C8513 1986)
  • Encyclopedia of Perennials (Ref. SB 434 .W66 1992)
  • Herbaceous Perennial Plants (Ref. SB 434 .A76 1989)
  • Hortus Second, A Concise Dictionary of Gardening, General Horticulture and Cultivated Plants in North America (Ref. SB 45 .B22 1941)
  • Hortus Third, A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada (Ref. SB 45 .B22 1978)
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Roses (Ref. SB 411 .I44 1992)
  • Insects That Feed on Trees and Shrubs (Ref. SB 762 .J63 1988)
  • The National Arboretum Book of Outstanding Garden Plants (Ref. SB 407 .H493 1990)
  • Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines for Urban and Rural America (Ref. SB 435.5 .H54 1988)
  • New York Botanical Garden Illustrated Encyclopedia of Horticulture (Ref. SB 317.58 .E94)
  • North American Horticulture: A Reference Guide (Ref. SB 317.56 .U6N67 1991)
  • Random House Book of Shrubs (Ref. SB 435 .P564 1989)
  • The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation (Ref. SB 119 .D57 1987)
  • The RHS Encyclopedia of House Plants: Including Greenhouse Plants (Ref. SB 419 .B334 1987)
  • Seeds of Woody Plants in North America (Ref. SB 170 .Y68 1992)
  • Site Work & Landscape Cost Data (Ref. SB 472.565 .P34 1997)
  • Smith & Hawken: The Tool Book (Ref. SB 454 .L64 1997)
  • Taylor’s Encyclopedia of Gardening (Ref. SB 45 .T3 1961)
  • Tropical: Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees from the Tropics and Subtropics: For Warm-region Horticulture, in Cool Climate the Sheltered Indoors (Ref. SB 407 .G73)
  • Weed Control Manual and Herbicide Guide (Ref. SB 611 .W4)
  • Weeds (Ref. SB 612 .A2M8 1980)
  • Weeds of the United States and their Control (Ref. SB 612 .A2L67 1987)


Where to Look for Periodical Articles

IMPORTANT: If you want to access these resources off campus, you will use the same username and password  you use to log in to any campus computer.

Thompson Gale Academic OneFile Database

Academic OneFile is an excellent source for full-text articles.  Start by searching for one or two keywords about your research topic in the advanced search, putting each one in a different search box.  If your search retrieved too many articles, try narrowing your search by adding keywords.  You might want to click the box that limits the search to full-text articles.  Be aware that the way to the full text might involve a few steps.  Just follow the links and ask a librarian if you cannot find the article.


NCLive provides access to more than 60 databases.  Some are general, covering a wide range of material, and some are subject-specific. When searching for magazine and journal articles, choose the “Browse by Type” option to the left of the page. Next, choose the relevant database – academic search premier is recommended.  Remember to always choose the “Full Text” option under “limit your results.”

WPCC Horticulture Periodical Subscriptions (in print format)


The current issues of the above magazines are located in the Periodical Reading area and are shelved by title in alphabetical order. Back issues can be obtained by contacting any library staff member.

Where to Look on the Internet

Several recommended sites are:

  • Gardening – North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service’s website for consumer horticulture.
  • Cornell University – Cornell University’s department of horticulture website.
  • NC State University – horticulture website of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University.
  • USDA Animals and Plants – United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services website.
  • American Horticulture Society – the AHS webpage.
  • AmericanHort – the American Nursery & Landscape Association’s website that includes business information.
  • HRI – the Horticulture Research Institute’s website for information, research and job opportunities.


Feel free to ask a staff member for assistance

updated 10/2017

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