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How to Find Books in the WPCC Library

Clip Art of a graduation cap sitting on a highwayUse our library catalog, found at one of our catalog terminals near the library entrance or online here. By default, the catalog opens to a simple keyword search. If you want to search by a specific title or author, choose the browse search mode under the “search” key at top of page. Try different keywords if your first search does not bring up any relevant results. Books relating to vocational guidance can be found on the circulating shelves between HF 5381 and HF 5391. If you are interested in self-help and motivational books, try browsing the area between BF 501 and BF 724. Books about management and small business can be found between HD 30 and HD 70.

Selected Reference Books

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: (Ref. HD 5724 .026)
    This source includes, for many specific occupations, the nature oflhe work, working conditions, necessary training, job outlook, and average annual eamings, an1ong other infonnation. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is also located in its entirety online at Use this site’s search function to look for a particular occupation.
  • Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance (Ref. HF 5381 .E52 2003)
    This set covers more than 900 careers, giving a general description of the job or career field, the personal and professional requirements, salary statistics, work environment, future outlook for the field, and sources for more information.
  • Best Jobs for the 21st Century for College Graduates (Ref. HF 5381 .F4563 2000)
    Includes a description of each job as well as skills required and supporting courses to take that are relevant to that job.
  • College Major’s Handbook with Real Career Paths & Payoffs (Ref. HF 5382.5 .U5 F644)
    For each of the 11 MSA’s in North Carolina (Hickory/Morganton/Lenoir MSA would cover this area), information includes 1996 statistics and projected growth to 2006 for a number of occupations.
  • Business: The Ultimate Resource (Ref. HF 38.15 .. B8780 2006)
    This source covers such topics as people and culture, leadership, people management, and personal effectiveness. Browsing the table of contents is an easy route to these topics, but there is also an index in the back.
  • Plunkett’s Employer’s Internet Sites with Career Information (Ref. HF 5382.75 .P65)
    Profiles hundreds of Internet sites operated directly by major employers.


Where to Look for Online Periodical Articles

There are two main groups of online databases offered by the library: NC Live and the Academic OneFile. If
you want to access these resources from home, you will need to sign a form (available at the circulation desk)
to obtain the passwords.

NC Live

NC Live provides access to more than 60 databases. Some are general, covering a wide range of material, and some are subject-specific. Four good places to begin your search are:


Thompson Gale Academic OneFile Database

Academic OneFile is an excellent source for full-text articles. Start by searching for one or two keywords about your research topic in the advanced search, putting each one in a different search box. If your search retrieved too many articles, try narrowing your search by adding keywords. You might want to click the box that limits the search to full-text articles. Be aware that the way to full text might involve a few steps. Just follow the links and ask a librarian if you cannot find the article.

Recommended Websites

NOTE: Extreme care must be taken when using sources off the World Wide Web for a research paper.  Critically evaluate all the sites you are considering, looking for reputable authorship, a date of publication and authority.

  • America’s Job Bank – use the quick search to find jobs by type, geographic location, or both.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobseeker – provides information on industry jobs including training and earnings, expected job prospects, and links to job markets.
  • Career OneStop Toolkit – career one step website with links to occupation information and career tools.
  • CareerTV – career video site, designed to help students understand different career/occupation possibilities.
  • FinAid – student financial aid site that lists other websites dealing with scholarships, grants, and other aids to financing your education.
  • Jung Typology Test – free online personality test that also lists occupations that best match different personality types.
  • NC Department of Commerce Find A Job – site includes current North Carolina job openings, labor market information and career planning resources in addition to other information.
  • Working in the 21st Century – US Department. of Labor website with quick links to articles and statistics on minorities in the work force, safety in the workplace, retirement, etc.


updated 10/2017

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