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Neal Bevans, Program Coordinator/Instructor


Neal Bevans

Neal Bevans

My name is Neal Bevans and I am the Program Coordinator for the Paralegal Department at Western Piedmont Community College. We are located in Morganton, North Carolina. Our program has been recognized for many years for innovations and early adoption of technology. We were the first paralegal program to offer courses through DVD format and the FIRST (and still the only) to offer our degree entirely through online media. You can take almost all of your required courses as Internet-based classes.

We have four courses that we offer as online Webinar courses. These classes are offer real time interaction, with day and evening sections available. The webinar format allows students to ‘attend’ class from home, whether home is Morganton or a thousand miles away. These webinars allow real time interaction with your instructors and give you a chance to ask questions and even interact with other students in the class. None of the courses that you need to complete a degree with Western Piedmont require you to come to the campus at all.

With these innovations, and the fact that students from our program have won top awards in the North Carolina Paralegal Association essay contests for a record four years in a row, we feel that we offer a great program.

Although I don’t like to sound like I’m bragging, I am a multi-year honoree in Who’s Who in America’s Colleges, won the Teacher of the Year Award (2010) and have written 13 national legal textbooks. You can find them on Amazon or any other major book store. I don’t mention this to toot my own horn, but to let you know that we believe in quality here at WPCC.


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