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Concise guides to printed resources to help you with academic research and writing in a variety of subject areas.  Click on any subject heading to view the associated guide.

Subject Pathfinders


WPCC provides links to high-quality websites to help you with academic research and writing in a variety of subject areas.  Click on the subject name to be taken to our e-pathfinder page, then select the subject of your interest by clicking on its name to see the links.

Study Techniques

We offer these recommended study techniques to help you with your academic work.

Online Resources for Developing Academic Skills

  • Classroom Participation – from Monash University, this website offers many practical classroom participation strategies.
  • Dealing with Instructors – from, a primer on how to handle instructor and grade conflicts.
  • Math Anxiety – from Math Academy, this site lists the causes and myths concerning math anxiety and offers several solutions.
  • Study Skills – from Western Nevada College, this website covers tips and ideas for a successful college career.
  • Test Taking – from Test Taking, a general overview of different tips and advice on test taking.
  • Time Management – from Vance-Granville Community College – guidelines for effectively managing your time.  Covers topics from procrastination to getting organized.
  • Working in Groups– from Colorado State University – includes specific topics such as “Guidelines for Group work” and “Dealing with problems in groups.”
  • Writing Skills – from Washington College, this website breaks the writing process down into thinking, style, structure, evidence, and mechanics.
  • Writing Skills (and Style Guide) – The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a writing resources website for all skill levels.  This resource is offered as a free service from Purdue University.  The site covers such topics as: “writing a research paper;” “overview of grammar and punctuation;” and both “APA and MLA citation guides.”  All students wil find this site useful!
  • Writing Skills (and Style Guide)  APA Style Lite for College Papers is a concise guide to crafting research papers in the style of the American Psychological Association (APA). It is based on the current edition of the APA Publication Manual (corrected printing, 2009) while incorporating guidelines for “Material Other Than Journal Articles” found in the last edition.