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Katie Hoover

Hi, I am Katie Hoover an English Instructor here at Western Piedmont. While playing “school” was one of my favorite things to do growing up, I did not plan to become a teacher when I attended Appalachian State University for my undergraduate studies. My time spent at Appalachian taught me a great deal about working in a diverse community, growing as an individual, and becoming a life-long learner.

After graduating, I was employed full time at a family medical office in Lenoir, North Carolina while I worked toward my goal of attending graduate school at East Carolina University. Moving straight from undergraduate studies into graduate school was an interesting experience. I was the youngest in my class and most of the time that meant the least experienced in the field. From this I learned humility as well as the value of gleaning from other’s experiences. In 2012, I graduated from ECU with a Masters of Arts degree in English and a concentration in Technical and Professional Communications. I wasn’t aware at the time, but this experience prepared me for a future in education.

In 2014, I left the medical office and began teaching as an adjunct English instructor at Davidson County Community College. After two years working as an adjunct, I was hired as a full-time instructor at Western Piedmont Community College in January 2016. Since then, I have taught many courses at WPCC.

While I did not plan to be a teacher when I began my undergraduate studies, I have since discovered a passion for creating a student-centered classroom. I try to introduce creativity into my classes. Watching students become increasingly confident as they develop new skills is an exciting part of the classroom. My goal is to help students become life-long learners.

Outside of the classroom, I try to be an active part of our campus. You may see me volunteering as the Faculty Advisor for the Rotaract Club at Spring Fling, Fall Fest or Treat or Treat. Additionally, I have served on Faculty Staff Council, Calendar Committee, and other small committees.

I also work with Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens, and women’s shelters in various communities. This means I help with community meals, events, fundraisers, and youth retreats. Additionally, I am working with a team to develop a process, called Synergetics, that brings organizations together within a community to address specific needs of that community.

I have four dogs: Audrey, Lexus, Zeus, and Athena. My husband and I love taking care of our four-legged fur babies. For fun I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, riding my bike, thrift shopping, and crafts. I love movies. My top five of the moment are Charade, Jurassic Park, Dead Poet’s Society, and Steel Magnolias. I’ve also been known to break into song whenever one comes to mind.


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