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Information technology has made it’s way into every crevice of our lives and is growing at an exponential rate. Does this technology fascinate you? Are you one that appreciates the luxuries that it brings to our society? In our I.T. program, we not only appreciate it, we master it. You’ll learn how to store, create, communicate, exchange, and use information to solve technical problems that arise in nearly every business and organization. We will guide you through the exciting world of technology as you explore topics such as information support, software development, network systems, and information security.

So where can I work?

The real question is, where can’t you work? Information technology is so necessary in this day and age that nearly every business and organization implements and depends on it. Those places will always need people with the technology know-how to keep things running smoothly. After graduating you should qualify for positions within these businesses as well as any other governmental agency that relies on computer systems to manage information. Some job titles of our graduates include: Computer Support Specialist, Helpdesk Analyst, Network Administrator, Network Support Specialist, Security Analyst.

Promising Outlook

The job market for this career field is expected to grow at a faster than average pace according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More jobs means more opportunity. Not only are the jobs plentiful, but the pay is nothing to scoff at either. Take for example the median salary of a job title listed earlier: Computer Support Specialist at $52,810 per year. Who said being a computer geek wouldn’t pay off?

Program Costs, Graduation & Job Placement

Estimated Total Cost
for A.A.S. Degree

Tuition – $5,346
Books – $2,658

Graduation Rates


Job Placement


Additional Requirements for Licensure,
Certification or Approval


What You Will Study

The Information Technology program at WPCC offers the following options for an Associate in Applied Science Degree and two Certificate offerings:

Associate in Applied Science

The A.A.S. degree is a 68 credit-hour program that takes you through  fundamentals and offers you opportunities to get PC Pro, Network Pro, and Security Pro certifications. You can also test for A+, Net+, and Security+ certifications.

Information Technology Support Certificate

IT Support is a critical part of all organizations.

Earn your certificate to begin your career in Information Technology.


Networking and Security Certificate

Networking and security is a vital part of any business infrastructure. Our certificate program prepares you to manage a Local Area Network as well as deal with maintenance, troubleshooting, and network security.

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