Heavy Equipment Operator

Get training for an exciting career in construction using the latest in virtual reality technology

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Effective Training

Classes in our Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) curriculum are designed to quickly prepare you for entry-level jobs, giving you the skills you need in a hands-on setting.

Completion of courses in the HEO program can bring benefits, including potential job interviews and special qualifications based on your training.


Experience is Not Required

You don’t have to have a special driver’s license or previous construction experience to enroll in our Heavy Equipment Operator classes. You can be someone looking for a job, or maybe want to change careers or enhance your skills. The important thing is that you have an interest and desire to learn.

I started this class without much experience operating equipment. It really helped my performance along with being more confident and efficient. I now understand the proper ways to do certain tasks and can perform them safely. I would highly recommend this class to anyone new or interested in getting into the field.

Shawn Haught
City of Hickory

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