To access disability services, a student MUST provide documentation to the Office of Disability Services.

Follow these steps:

  1. Submit documentation of your disability to the Disability Services Coordinator. Disability documentation must verify the nature and extent of the disability in accordance with current professional standards. It must also be current and substantiate the need for all of the student’s requested accommodations. PLEASE NOTE: IEP’s are not considered acceptable documentation.
  2. Meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to determine your eligibility. The Disability Services Coordinator will develop an Individual Academic Adjustment Plan (IAAP) based on your interview and your documentation.
  3. Give each instructor a copy of your IAAP and alert him or her that you plan to use them in that specific class.

*IMPORTANT: Accommodations are not retroactive, and they do not roll from semester to semester.  You must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator to assess and reissue your IAAP at the beginning of each semester.

Documentation Requirements for Accommodations

To ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate services, students with disability must identify themselves in a timely manner when an accommodation is needed and present current, comprehensive documentation of their disability. Records are confidential and are not part of the student’s academic file.

Eligibility for disability-related accommodations at Western Piedmont Community College requires current documentation of the disability from an appropriate professional source, who has NO personal relationship with the individual being evaluated, verifying the nature of the disability, the functional impact, and the need for specific accommodations.

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