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Crystal Stephens

e-mail: cstephens@wpcc.edu

Crystal Stephens

Crystal Stephens

My name is Crystal Stephens and I have an addiction to school supplies and books.  Admitting the problem is the first step to solving it, but seriously…I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher since I first started school and fell in love with my teacher and the way she checked off her lists and kept things in her “magical” notebook.  Now I have way too many lists to check and more magical notebooks than I care to speak of, but I love love love teaching and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I earned a BS in Elementary Education from Gardner-Webb University in 1996, my Masters in Elementary Education from GWU in 1999 and my Masters of School Administration from ASU in 2003.  I have been an elementary school teacher for 20 years– teaching 7 years in 2nd grade, 8 years in 5th grade and this is my 5th year in first grade.  I don’t really have a favorite… I have enjoyed them all. There are fun and exciting things about every grade. I started teaching at WPCC almost 12 years ago — WOW and enjoy having the opportunity to share my knowledge and advice with future teachers. I have always and still do believe that one person can make a difference and teach my students (both the littles and the bigs) that they can truly make a difference and they are important. The “what” we teach is important, but the “who” we teach is the “why” we keep doing it.  This is my philosophy of teaching and keeps me excited and motivated year after year.

My life outside the classroom is filled with adrenaline, dirtbikes, barbells and adventure.  I have both my Crossfit and Crossfit kids certification and I compete in many competitions. My love of sharing knowledge extends to the fitness world too, as I coach a girls running club at my school and compete in 5k races and triathlons.  My family feeds my adventure addiction as we all race dirtbikes on many weekends and I am fortunate enough to spend a great deal of quality time with my 16 year old son, 14 year old daughter and my awesome incredible husband of almost 20 years.  Life is about balance — and mine is full of joy, happiness and love, so I am able to share that with the people in my life!!!

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