Class Schedules

For Continuing Education and Workforce Development Classes, please access their Course Schedule.

An explanation about section numbers, prerequisites, and corequisites can be found below links to the class schedules.

PLEASE NOTE:  Classes may be revised, cancelled, and/or added to the schedule.  Prior to completing your registration, please revisit the class schedule for an up-to-date listing of available courses.

RED = Closed Classes
BLUE = Low Availability

Fall Semester 2015 Classes

Be sure to check out the Semester Guide for important information about Fall semester.

Search for class sections by choosing from the following categories:

All Classes ALL CLASSES – Except DMA Classes
Seated Classes Seated / On Campus Classes Only
Evening Classes Evening Classes
Hybrid Classes Hybrid Classes (have both seated and online sessions)*
Internet Classes Internet Classes*
*All Internet and Hybrid courses require mandatory activities be completed on deadline or else you will be dropped from the class. Details are included in the document linked above. 
Developmental Math Classes Developmental Math (DMA) Courses
B Term Classes Courses that start after the semester begins
Pioneer Pass Class Search Search for sections using Pioneer Pass

Section Number Explanation

Here is an explanation of what the various sections mean in the class schedules, along with information about pre- and co-requisite classes.

01-19 Traditional Courses – 100% of instruction is delivered in face-to-face sessions in a seated environment.
21-39 Hybrid Courses – Instruction uses a combination of online information delivery and face to face class meetings.
41-60 Internet Courses – 100% of instruction is delivered online. Please refer to the Internet/Hybrid Students section of the Semester Guide (select either the summer or the fall semester) for important deadlines.
41OPT-60OPT Internet Courses – 100% of instruction is delivered online with optional on-campus meetings available.
61-70 Courses with irregular meeting times.
A– “A” Term Courses
B– “B” Term Courses
C– Designates Course for Career & College Promise (CCP)
E– Designates Evening Courses
M– Designates “Module” for Developmental Courses
WB– Web Assisted Courses – Primary delivery is via traditional face-to-facemethod with a requirement that students have Internet access as asupplemental part of the course.


Some courses offered have required Prerequisites and/or Corequisites. Definitions of both requirements can be found at the beginning of the course descriptions in the General Catalog. Each prerequisite and corequisite is printed in bold with the course description, also located in the back section of the catalog. Enrolling into a class without the appropriate pre/corequisite will result in the DELETION OF THIS COURSE from your schedule.

Special Notes

  • Any student registering for hybrid courses runs the risk of being dropped if it is found that the mandatory on-campus meetings conflict with other courses on the schedule.
  • Some traditional daytime and evening courses may require supplemental work to be completed online.
  • Please refer to your registration statement or the online schedule for class locations.

For help, call Student Services at (828) 448-6046. We look forward to seeing you in class!!