WPCC Pottery Instructors Published in Ceramic Handbooks


PotteryWestern Piedmont Community College (WPCC) Professional Crafts Program Coordinator Courtney Long and pottery instructor Elizabeth Summerfield are featured artists in a new series of ceramics handbooks entitled Throwing Techniques and Hand-building Techniques, published by Ceramics Arts Daily. Editor Bill Jones brings together techniques, tips and projects from experts published in Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly magazines to complete the series. Through the use of hundreds of step-by-step how-to images and carefully described processes, master potters share their expertise.

In the book Throwing Techniques, Long’s article, “How to Make a Spouted Bowl That Tells a Story,” shares with readers the joy that can be found in creating and using narrative pottery. Long accomplishes that through her spouted batter bowls, each complete with her signature puffy cloud-shaped handle and whimsical animal drawings. She also demonstrates wheel throwing, trimming, and hand-building techniques.

Summerfield has two articles featured in the series book, Hand-building Techniques titled, “How to Make a Footed Slab Tray” and “How to Make a Soft Slab Lidded Pitcher”. Summerfield is an expert pattern maker. Using soft slab construction, she produces small scale, hand held objects by draping clay slabs over one another. Summerfield leaves the seams or connection points visible in order to accentuate the process. Summerfield’s articles cover an array of surface treatments including terra sigillata, underglaze, and glaze.

The Professional Crafts Clay program is designed to prepare individuals for employment as professional potters. Using traditional and contemporary concepts, instruction includes technical knowledge, design skills, marketing and business essentials and a thorough understanding of 20th Century Crafts History. Coursework includes development of basic and advanced throwing and hand building skills with emphasis on form and design. Students may choose from two pathways to learn pottery techniques: curriculum or continuing education. Saturday classes are available. For more information on WPCC’s Professional Crafts program, contact Long at 828-448-3552 or clong@wpcc.edu.