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Defensive Driving Safety Program

For information please call 828.448.6722

DO YOU HAVE A TICKET? You are eligible if your citation is for:

City Code Violations

Exceeding a safe speed

Motorcycle only violations

Driving left of center

Speeding- 15 mph or less
over speed limit

Leaving vehicle unattended

Speed less than minimum

Too fast for conditions

Crossing median

Any equipment violation

Failure to stop for RR warning

Driving without two headlights

Stop sign violation

Failing to dim headlights

Failing to burn headlamps

Unsafe movement

Exceeding posted limit

Failing to reduce speed

Wrong way on dual lane

Improper use of traffic lane

Following too closely

Wrong way on one-way road

Overloading violations

Red light violation

Improper passing

Failing to give turn signal

Failing to yield right-of-way

No Insurance Points and No Drivers License Points

If you have been charged with a minor violation in the 25th Judicial District, you may elect to have it reduced by the District Attorney, Jay Gaither, by completing a 4-hour defensive driving course! This course is offered through Western Piedmont Community College and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina to train motorists in the principles of defensive driving. If this course is completed and the information presented in the Clerk of Court office for payment no later than five (5) working days before your scheduled court date, there will be no Insurance Points and No Drivers License Points.

Take a Defensive Driving Course to have your traffic citation charges reduced by the District Attorney.

The District Attorney and local law enforcement agencies want you to be a safe driver.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity you MUST:
  • Register and complete the four-hour Defensive Driving Course at least five working days before your court date.
  • Effective May 17, 2011 You must register on Tuesdays from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Enter into a written Plea Agreement and plead guilty to driving with improper equipment.
  • Pay $50.00 for the cost of administering and teaching the Defensive Driving Course (cash or money order made payable to Western Piedmont Community College, non-refundable).
  • Pay all applicable court costs and fines (five (5) days before your scheduled court date) to the Clerk of Court in the county in which you received your citation.
  • You are not eligible and you CANNOT take advantage of the program if:
    • Your court date has passed, OR
    • You have taken the course in the previous 3 yrs OR
    • You have been convicted of a 4-point or more moving violation, OR
    • You have paid your citation prior to class, OR
    • You have accumulated 5 points or more in the past 3 yrs
You will need the following following to register:
  • Your traffic citation
  • Your drivers license
  • Your Social Security number
  • Students in High School will need a “Dual Enrollment Form” signed by their Principal
  • Cash (please bring correct change) or money order made payable to Western Piedmont Community College
  • Cost:  $50.00 for the 4-hour class (This is a self-supporting class and registration fees are non-refundable)