Visual Impairment

Documentation Guidelines for Visual Impairment

The following guidelines are provided to assist the college in collaboration with each student to determine appropriate accommodations.  Documentation serves as a foundation that legitimizes a student’s request for appropriate accommodations.  (A school plan such as an Individualized Educational Plan [IEP] or a 504 Plan is NOT sufficient documentation.)

Recommended documentation includes:

  1. A clear and current statement of the vision related disability with supporting data (the age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the condition, the current status of the student and the student’s request for reasonable accommodations). A summary of assessment procedures and evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis and the summary of results including standardized scores.
  2. A summary of present symptoms that meet the criteria for diagnosis.
  3. Medical information relating to the student’s needs and the status of the student’s vision (static or changing) and its impact on the demands of the academic program.
  4. Narrative or descriptive text providing both quantitative and qualitative information about the student’s abilities including the use of corrective lenses and ongoing visual therapy (if appropriate).
  5. Suggestions of reasonable accommodation(s), which might be appropriate at the post-secondary level, are encouraged.  These recommendations should be supported by the diagnosis.
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