The 48 Day Film Project is Underway!


TeamArtivationalNewsWPCC students and graduates are collaborating with other countries to create a feature length film! Julie Whitis, a graduate of the Digital Effects and Animation Technology degree is the Team Leader for the U.S. team. Her team, “Team Artivational”, won the Asheville 48 hour film competition this summer. Students from WPCC’s DEAT, SGD and Drama programs participated in the winning film.

Over 25 teams entered the Asheville competition this year and Artivational walked away with 5 awards: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Writing, Best Graphics, and Best Use of Character. Her team will go on to represent Western North Carolina in the 2016 Filmapalooza in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a great honor and accomplishment. Julie and her team were recently invited to join the 48 Day Film Project, where her team will collaborate with other winning 48 Hour Film teams from four other continents.

This is the first year the United States will participate in this event and Artivational has been selected to represent North America!

A collaborated effort is taking place from October 9 through November 26  between South America (Bolivia), Asia (Dubai), Europe (Czech), South Africa (Durban), and North America (NC) to join together in all pre-production through post production work to create a full length film. This is truly an amazing honor and opportunity for our college, our region, our community, our state, and our Country.

Below are some links about their current project. If you would like, you can also support their crowdfunding efforts to make this film great!

48 Hour Film Project

48 Day Film Project – 5 Continents


Promo Trailer

(This will not be the full length feature film. This was a trial run for technical organization for the 48 Days Film Project)