Steps To Completing A Career Assessment

Want to learn more about careers that might be of interest to you? Completing a career assessment is a great way to learn more about potential job fields for you.

    1. Create an account through
    2. Select Create My CFNC Account at top of page and complete steps 1 – 3.
    3. Write down your Username, Password, (password) Question, and (password).
      Answer for future reference.
    4. Put your cursor on Plan at the top of the page and select For a Career.
    5. Select Learn About Yourself.
    6. Complete the following inventories:  Interest Profiler, Work Values Sorter, Basic Skills Survey, Transferable Skills Checklist, Career Cluster Survey, Ability Profiler (select Start Over).
    7. Review the careers matching your inventory responses.
    8. Determine which career(s) you would like to pursue.
    9. Select Sign out at top of page to conclude your session.
    10. Match your career decision(s) to the programs offered at WPCC.
    11. If you are still undecided after doing your career assessment, contact Pat Baker (828) 448-3172; Sherry Vannoy (828) 448-3180; or Vicki Holder (828) 448-3565 to discuss your assessment results.