General Evacuation Procedures

Responsibilities of All Facility Personnel

All facility personnel must understand the correct emergency response and general evacuation procedures for their location.  During an evacuation, all facility personnel must assist members of the public, and visitors to exit the facility premises.

Use of Evacuation Procedure

The evacuation procedure can be used for a variety of events.  All employees should be familiar with these procedures.

  • The alarm signal will be activated by pulling the nearest fire alarm pull station.  Pull stations are located throughout the college campuses.
  • A loud alarm will sound with clear flashing lights.
  • Upon notification that an evacuation is in progress, all institutional personnel and visitors will immediately use the nearest emergency exit and proceed to their designated division assembly location.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • The division Emergency Coordinator will take a roll call.
  • The Emergency Coordinator will report these roll call results to the Director of Crisis Management or his assistant. The Emergency Coordinator will emphasize the names of the persons from his or her division who may still be in the building.
  • Visitors will remain with the staff member(s) they are seeing and their names will be reported to the Emergency Coordinator.
  • All personnel will stay assembled by division until further instructions are received from their Emergency Coordinator.

However, it is important to note that in some emergencies, employees must deviate from these instructions.  Use common sense. For example, if smoke is present, employees need to begin evacuating even if the alarm has not yet been sounded.

Summary of Employees’ Duties

Following are the duties of employees during an evacuation of the facility:

  • Emergency Coordinators will oversee the evacuation of their own divisions.
  • Stairwell Monitors will check for heat and smoke to ensure the exit is safe and assist in the movement of people.  Every employee must be  trained to assume the duties of the Stairwell Monitor.
  • Division Searchers will operate only in pairs and will check for personnel who initially failed to hear the alarm.  They will check for heat and smoke before opening any door.
  • Disabled Employees:  Assign at least two employees to assist in the event of an evacuation or any other emergency that may occur.
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